Can You Really Make Money as a Mary Kay Consultant?: An Independent Sales Director Tells All


About the author:  Jessica Fitzgerald is a Contributing Writer and a Sales Director for Mary Kay.  For more, please visit her sales page, Jess Fitz for Mary Kay.  

Mary Kay Merc
Mary Kay doesn’t give Mercedes as a prize, but they do give Cadillacs.  In truth, if you’re self-motivated, social, hardworking, love beauty products, and looking for a job, Mary Kay is a reputable program. (Photo credit: kenjonbro)
Well, first let me start off by saying that nothing works unless you do!  I began my business twenty months ago.  When I decided to consistently work my business with two parties a week, I earned my first free company car.  They pay for tax, title, license and a part of the insurance as well.

Just a couple of months later, I am now an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay.  I am a mother, wife, and a very social person, and the flexible hours and social requirements of the job were a perfect fit for me.  Of course every consultant’s story differs depending on their work ethic, but I truly believe that as a company, Mary Kay gives you all the tools you need to achieve success.

How the Program Actually Works

Mary Kay Ash
Mary Kay Ash started the business in 1963 for $5000. Today Mary Kay, Inc. does over $2 billion in revenues annually.

1.)    Our profit is 50%.

We buy our products for $1 and sell them for $2. The largest commission is paid through direct selling:  This commission is on everything in our line.

2)    It is a lot of work to do well!

One secret to success in Mary Kay is managing to maintain old customers while developing new ones.  That means, on top of parties to grow our client base, we also have to call on our old clients.  While you make your own hours, you have to be dedicated to see your accounts maintained and simultaneously grow them further.

It is important to be motivated.  The sky is the limit – there is no ceiling on how much you earn, or how much you can sell.  While it is an at-home business, if you take it as seriously as a “regular” job, it can be just as rewarding and profitable, if not more so.

3.)    Team building is crucial for major success.

If you choose to build a team, you receive 4-13% commission from their first order and all subsequent orders. Mary Kay pays recruiting commissions directly to you, not from the recruit’s 50% commission.  Again, if you become a Director, it is another time commitment to train new recruits.  But it can be incredibly rewarding to see another woman succeed.


Truth be told, you have to be the social type to be successful at Mary Kay. (Or step out of your comfort zone!)  (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)


4.)    Prizes really are earned.

There is no limit on cars, trips, cash, etc. earned.  Mary Kay sets up a reward schedule based upon your number of sales and level of team building.  We can’t reveal the prize structure on a public blog like FutureDerm, but we can say that it exists.

5.)    If you keep team building, you can become a Director.

If you become a director in Mary Kay, you can receive 9-13% commission on your entire unit’s sales.  You also will set goals for your unit; whenever you reach the goals together, you will receive a $100+ bonus.

English: Lisbarnett House & Off Sales, Lisbane...
If you are going to be successful selling from home, you must be self-motivated.

6.)  You make the rules on a daily basis.

Mary Kay is a form of entrepreneurship:  It’s your business to run the way you want, the way that fits into your life. There are no quotas on meetings, appointments held, or retail sales. (No territories either!) You choose to do parties, one-on-one facials, on-the-go sales, web site orders, catalog sales, and fundraisers.

Perhaps the only requirement to be a Mary Kay consultant is to purchase a starter kit for $100.

Bottom Line

If you are wondering if you have what it takes to be a Mary Kay Consultant, ask yourself the following:

  • 1. Do I have strong social skills and a solid selling base from day one (i.e., friends, family, acquaintances, etc.)?  Or, am I willing to build these skills and relationships?
  • 2. Do I have the time to sell Mary Kay (i.e., host parties, maintain accounts, develop a team, etc.)?
  • 3. Do I love Mary Kay products?  It’s hard to sell something you don’t love or use yourself.  (For more, please read:  Do Mary Kay’s Best Selling Products Really Work?)
  • 4. Do I motivate myself well?  While the sky is the limit with your business, keep in mind that you are the boss and the employee, so you must be self-motivated.

If you would like more information about a Mary Kay Business, please visit my website at, and click on “Sell Mary Kay.”  Please note:  This is NOT a paid advertisement for Mary Kay.  This is merely meant as a way to inform what is possible from a Mary Kay business for those who are considering it.

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