What Causes Acne and Why Retinol Helps

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What Causes Acne and Why Retinol Helps

Because it’s concentrated, yet gentle, FutureDerm Time Release Retinol 0.5 is a great choice for teens and young adults with mild to moderate acne. The lightweight gel absorbs quickly into skin, so there’s no need to wait 30 minutes to apply a moisturizer. Because our product is microencapsulated, it targets retinoid receptors for a full eight hours without being irritating to skin. Apply it at night, wear a broad spectrum sunscreen during the day, and get ready to glow!

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  • Brnaxir

    Can I use retin a cream on my combination oily skin I can’t get the gel and since I’m in Nigeria getting futurederm is difficult for me I’m afraid of clogged pores pls do reply

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