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Everyone has asked me what I wore on my nails for Christmas, so I wanted to share them with you. I wore Cirque Cypress with an accent nail of Ozotic 507.

Cirque Cypress and Ozotic 507

Cirque Cypress – A rich metallic copper polish with a rainbow holographic finish
Ozotic 507 – Rich yellow green with dark olive green and blue-green duochrome.

Cirque Cypress and Ozotic 507 Swatches Review

The holographic finish of Cypress is very strong, but I think this is a color that can be worn in the office as well as out on the town. 507 is a complex multi-chrome shade and I love it as an accent. It reminds me of my LED lights that change through all colors of the rainbow, going from yellow to green to blue.

I found the formula on Cirque Cypress to be easy to work with. Shown above is 3 coats, but you can get away with two with no problem. Ozotic 507 is thicker and takes forever to dry. I only used 2 coats. While Ozotic 507 has a less than perfect formula, it really does make up for it with its strong multi-chrome action.

You can find Cirque nail polish at Cirque Colors and they retail for $15 each.
You can find Ozotic nail polish at Llarowe and they retail for $14.50 each.

I really adore Cirque Cypress and Ozotic 507.  Both are unique in my polish collection.

What do you think of Cirque Cypress and Ozotic 507?

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