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If you have ever spent more than an hour with me you have seen me reach for my lip balm. I am obsessed with soft lips. I try to exfoliate my lips every week, and I tend to get annoyed if my lips start peeling. With the blistering wind and cold in Pittsburgh I’m always on the lookout for moisturizing lip products that don’t sacrifice the polished look lip color gives. Clarks Botanical Rachel Red Lip Tint ($19, claims to give moisture without sacrificing style.

Ingredient Analysis

Shea butter and nuts in bowlShea butter is the first ingredient of the lip treatment. Shea butter is known for its versatility being prized for its many uses from hair conditioners to treating skin conditions (Journal of Allergy and Immunology, Naturally Curly). Shea butter has been seen to reduce inflammation, moisturize, and heal skin (Shea Butter). Shea butter is also believed to have anti-aging properties (Shea Butter The African Wonder). In ancient times it was even used to treat many ailments like leprosy, nasal congestion, and minor bone dislocation (Rutgers). It makes sense that a highly versatile ingredient would be used in a lip treatment.

The second ingredient of the lip treatment is coconut oil. Coconut oil mostly comprised of non volatile oils (Commerical Organic Analysis). This is helpful because it means that it does not have to be reapplied frequently. Coconut oil has also been shown to help heal burn wounds (Department of Pharmacology). Coconut oil also has antimicrobial properties, inhibiting the growth of microbes on surfaces where it is used (PubMed).

Aloe VeraThe third ingredient is aloe vera.  Many of us know this as the prickly plant with the gel inside. The aloe vera plant is triangular with fleshy leaves and serrated edges. It sprouts yellow tubular flowers that produce many seeds. The plant has many beneficial components including vitamins, enzymes minerals, sugars, and anthraquinones (natural laxatives) fatty acids. If you have ever used an after sun gel you have experienced the cooling effects of aloe vera. Aloe vera is known for its refreshing feel and ability to bind moisture to the skin (NIH). Aloe has also been used in the treatment of burns and minor skin irritation (University of Maryland).

Personal Use and Opinion

I had high hopes for this Clarks Botanical Ultra Rich Tint. The combination of these highly moisturizing products made for the perfect lip cocktail, but I was pretty disappointed in this product. I was unhappy with the color of the product. In order to get good color pay off I had to use so much product that my lips looked like I was just eating greasy French fries. It’s strange because the product is so bright coming out of the tube, but its pigmentation on the lips is not even close. I had to reapply this balm at least every 30 minutes. And I only got 30 minutes out of it if I did not move my lips or talk. The packaging was also problematic.  I even leaked a little while in my bookbag. I did not like the texture of this treatment. I expected something rich and smooth and got something greasy and watery. Something advertised as a treatment should have a richer more luxurious feel. This was not even close. My lips also started peeling after using this. I have no skin allergies so there was no reason for it. After using it my lips felt rougher than before I applied the product.

Bottom Line

I would not purchase Clarks Botanical Ultra Rich Tint. It didn’t deliver and I found the formulation was lacking. I’d say that there are better tinted lip balms out there that make your lips feel better.

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  • Dyanna Person

    I’m glad you enjoyed the review. Yes the pictures are misleading but I was happy to review it so others know more about the product before they buy it.

  • Thats too bad because the color looks gorgeous and the texture rich in that swatch beside the pic of the product. Sometimes I think they are so scared of being labeled “unnatural” they dont want to put thickeners into it to make it feel decent on the lips. At least we know now so thanks for the review!

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