How to Control Shine During the Summer Months

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How to Control Shine

With summer in full swing I wanted to share one of best beauty inventions EVER with our readers…blotting linens!

While they aren’t new, I’m always surprised by how many women still haven’t tried them, even some celebrities who definitely need them.  In fact, photographs accentuate shine, so if you’re getting married this summer, be sure to have these on hand!

They are particularly useful for those who don’t wear makeup (i.e., foundation) because though Nicki suggested those with dry to normal/dry skin types try Mally’s Beauty Face Defender to beat the heat, I know some of you may have read that and said, “Yes, but I don’t like to wear any kind of makeup or powder”. Ta Da…you don’t have to!


How to Control Shine

I have combination skin. That is dry skin with a shiny T-zone. And before I discovered blotting papers back in the early 1990s (Shiseido was one of the first companies to introduce them), I used to apply and re-apply pressed powder all day to control my T-zone shine.

However, by evening, I would have this gross build up of powder on my face. And as I got older, I discovered that any kind of powder emphasized my fine lines & wrinkles.  Blotting paper removed that problem altogether!



The other problem was that my makeup color would change, so by mid-day I was generally too orange. I always wondered why this happens and I stumbled on some useful info here about the science of oxidation.

Turns out not only can the minerals and fats in your makeup react with pigment in your skin, but makeup ingredients can react to our sebum, and the oils in our skin can intensify color pigment in the makeup.

As we have previously mentioned, silicone-based primers can prevent this for some skin types.

Treatment Ingredients

Today, oil-absorbing blotting linens contain some wonderful treatment ingredients.  While it’s unclear if any of these ingredients actually penetrate the skin when you use your blotting paper, you can be comfortable knowing these are, generally speaking, hypo-allergenic, safe & effective. For example:

  • Kaolin – a clay-like mineral with excellent absorbent and translucent properties which can remineralize the skin and is safe & effective for all skin types.
  • Lavender – Lavender essential oil is one of the most commonly used essential oils and according to this research has tremendous benefits for the skin. It is generally believed to be antibacterial, antifungal, carminative (smooth muscle-relaxing), sedative, anti-depressive, and effective for burns and insect bites, according to a 2002 review in Phytotherapy Research.
  • Green Tea – An indispensible antioxidant according to WebMD, green tea fights inflammation and free radicals and can have a positive effect on individual skin cells.

Which Brands of Blotting Paper Should I Buy?

How to Control Shine

Shiseido makes a lovely product, Pureness OIl-Control Blotting PaperBoscia Blotting Linens (Amazon, $10 for 100 linens) are also wonderful:  They are light, finely woven, and made of 100% natural Abaca Leaf FibersBoscia Blotting Linens come in a variety of formulations based on skin type and personal preference. They’re great for blotting lipstick, too.

My current favorite is the Boscia Lavender Blotting Linens (Amazon, $10 for 100 linens). These are un-powdered but many manufacturers also make lightly powdered papers which are terrific if you like the extra matte finish a powder offers (with no powder build-up).


Another plus – blotting papers couldn’t be more travel-friendly. They are absolutely pint sized and never spill in your purse!



This is literally the exact size of the package

(no depth to speak of!

Everyone Can Use Them

Beware…once your husband sees you using these he will ask to try one…the rest is history. If you think about it they’re actually perfect for men – no makeup, no color, no fragrance. Also, your teenage daughter will steal them & you will have to start buying them for her, too. 😉

Bottom Line

Blotting papers (linens) are an ingenious solution to an age-old problem with no down side. Try them this summer & let us know what you think! Already a fan (like me)? Post your comments; we love hearing from you!

Contributing author: Leah Argento

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  • This is a great post! I love that you explain how everything works, I’m always curious. I’ve read somewhere before that lavender oil isn’t good for skin, do you have any posts or research articles to recommend for reading on that?

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