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Cult Nails recently celebrated their 2nd Anniversary. They released three new colors:  Tempest, Blaze and Fetish. Tempest is a nearly-one-coat self-leveling white creme. It’s perfect for nail art. Blaze is a gold and copper glitter. Fetish is a unique black with a wax finish.

Cult Nails 2nd Anniversary Collection



I wanted to share Fetish with you. It really does have a neat finish!

Cult Nails Fetish Black Nail Polish Swatches Review

While not everyone will like the wax finish, it definitely garners a lot of attention. A lot of my guy friends have already commented on how much they like this polish on me! I think it is perfect for a rocker vibe.

Cult Nails Matte Wax Fetish Nail Polish

What do you think of the wax finish? Do you like it?

Cult Nails is cruelty-free and big 4 free. Products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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  • Yes the finish is pretty kewl.

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