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  • Julie

    My beauty secret is yoga, eating healthy, lots of water and sticking with a consistent skin care regime. (I’ve been using the PMD and have been seeing great results with that)

  • Joe

    Actually, a metal spoon.
    Dipped in cold water and pressed over the eyes, it soothes and reduces puffiness. This is especially good when my eyes get “hot” from staring at my PC all day.

    Dipped in warm water and pressed over blemishes and blackheads, it “melts” them, making them much easier to extract.

  • Carol Aguilar

    I think that the best beauty secret I have is sunscreen. I have used it for years and my skin is basically wrinkle-free. I am
    light skinned and fair, so genetics are definitely NOT on my side, but being proactive in prevention has really paid off!

  • My beauty secret is probably Korean BB creams. They work better than western BBs, most are much cheaper, and they make my skin look so good. I can even look makeup free (:

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