Daily Giveaway Question: When Do You Feel Your Most Beautiful?



Tell us in the comment section or on FutureDerm’s Facebook page: When do you feel your most beautiful? Tell us and you could win Coral Actives Retinol Exfoliating Cleanser!

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  • Grace

    When my hair sets just right.

  • Al

    I feel most beautiful after I wake up in the morning. My skin is soft, smooth, and radiant.

  • I feel my most beautiful every time I go to the salon for a shampoo and blow dry. Something about the process and the result makes me feel on top of the world. I am sure many women feel this way!

  • I feel most beautiful when my skin looks great.

  • heahter

    When I feel good on the inside and after a nice long shower.

  • Jennifer

    When my husband gives me an extra long admiring look.

  • Nina

    When I’m all flushed and rosy, straight out of a very hot bath.

  • Lucy

    I feel my most beautiful when I am jumping on the trampoline! And also after putting on a My Beauty Diary mask =D

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