Daily Giveaway Question: Which Do You Wear More Often: Lip Gloss or Lipstick?



Tell us in the comment section or on FutureDerm’s Facebook page: Which do you wear more often: lip gloss or lipstick? Tell us and you could win Reviva Non-Chemical Light Skin Peel!

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  • Erica

    Gloss, but only because lipstick seems to dry out my lips 🙁

  • Allison L

    Lipstick only for me. I tried gloss and don’t like how goopy it is and the step of having to use a wand to apply.

  • Kimme

    I’m a gloss girl now, but I’m entering my mid 20s. During my time as counter-girl, I was told its ok on younger girls-but unflattering and inappropriate mature women. Anyone know the cut off age? LOL. Of course I always make sure to wear sun protection under non-spf gloss (and even sometimes on ones that do have spf), because the shine can amplify rays.

  • Tracy

    Lipgloss, definitely!

  • I wear lipgloss more.

  • marlana


  • Reena Sena

    Definitely lipgloss.

  • Tina Renee Barker

    I wear lipgloss- usually pink or peach!

  • JennB

    I usually wear lipstick with a little gloss over it. I get the best of both that way!

  • Dee

    Definitely my Laura Mercier lipstick! Glosses just don’t last long enough to bother.

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