Daily Inspiration: The #1 Reason People Can’t Get to the Next Level

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For a long time now, a lot of people have derided being too enthusiastic, eager, and passionate about life. Recent TV shows often make a parody of 50’s sitcoms, as characters say things like “Oh boy!” and “Gee wiz!” with big cheesy smiles on their faces out of jest.

Yet, by that same token, people like Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien, Maya Rudolph, and Gary Vaynerchuk (WineTV) are killing it because they’re not afraid to be “out there.” Call them cheesy, but their hijinks make them popular. These are men and women who are absolutely unafraid to be true to their most authentic selves. Want to grin with spinach on your teeth in front of millions? Maya Rudolph did just that, in one of the summer’s highest grossing movies (Bridesmaids). Want to start your show with chants of your name (Stephen Colbert) or by leaping over an invisible hurdle (Conan O’Brien)? Apparently, it will win you millions of viewers, and a more college-educated audience than CNN (Source:  LiveScience.com).

The key here is being authentic. You can’t become someone you’re not, try as hard as you may. Imagine Chelsea Handler trying to be Grace Kelly. Or vice versa. Chelsea would look ridiculous in the buttoned-up cardigans, but can you imagine Grace Kelly saying anything that would get you rolling on the floor laughing?! Each has her own allure, but you have to take the best of what makes you unique, cultivate it, and not be afraid of judgment or criticism.

Maybe you’re thinking you don’t need to be more “out there” in order to make it big. But you’re wrong. Whether it’s an extroverted I’m-putting-You-Tube-videos-on-the-net type of getting out there, or a more introverted I’m-persisting-at-applying-for-my-dream-job-until-I’m-accepted type of persistence, you need to forget your pride now in order to reveal the best you tomorrow.

Let’s say you don’t. If you sit back and continually criticize or make fun of people who have the ability to be “out there,” you are not only being complacent, but you also become snarky and sarcastic over time. You lose the ability to be genuinely enthusiastic everyday. I’d rather come across as cheesy and trying too hard than lazy and apathetic. You can work with trying too hard – get the books, listen to the audio tapes, take a class on communications, learn how to tone it down, and communicate more effectively. Yet you can never turn a couch potato into a rose garden.

So don’t be afraid of being “too much.” Only be afraid of not growing or never knowing.

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Photo source:  Level Ambiguity, a photo by a.k.a. Flash on Flickr.

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