Does Revitalash Fine Line Primer Work?

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Leah’s opinion on Revitalash Fine Line Primer: a definite buy!

Revitalash FineLine Primer ($60.00,; $46.90, is a unique makeup base that is perfect for under the eyes, as it is designed to make crow’s feet and deeper wrinkles less noticeable.

Concealer and foundation are great for hiding imperfections but around the eye area makeup tends to settle into fine lines and wrinkles, making them more noticeable. Revitalash’s new FineLine Primer ($46.90, is a great solution for this.

Ingredient Analysis

It contains silicone elastomers, which act as a delivery system for other active ingredients and which control sebum depositionSilicones are large molecules with wide spaces between them, which enables them to form a breathable yet hydrating barrier (The Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics).  And, according to this small study, silicone elastomers also mask wrinkles.

Rock with Mica; notice the reflective quality!

Another important ingredient here are spherical powders known as mica which bounce light off your face, creating a soft focus effect (perfect for under-eye circles). Mica is a natural mineral and due to its reflective and refractive qualities is an important ingredient in many blushes, eye shadows, eye liners, foundations, lipsticks and eye creams.

Revitalash FineLine Primer also contains silica, a mineral that improves the spreadability of creams, foundations & powders, and helps them adhere to skin. It too absorbs excess oil (perhaps this is whey I feel dry when using this product).

How To Use

Apply after you cleanse but before you put on your makeup. A small amount goes a long way so simply pat on a tiny bit under your eyes then apply your foundation. I also applied Revitalash FineLine Primer to my laugh lines, another problem area where makeup tends to settle. It also softened my forehead wrinkle quite noticeably. It sets into a soft, powdery finish.

Personal Use and Opinions

As you can see, Revitalash FineLine Primer is solid but extremely soft/pliable and has a velvety feel, like a soft wax. My first application I overused this product, and as a result my skin felt really dry so I had to apply moisturizer over it and then my makeup (I have dry skin). My subsequent applications were more controlled and the product worked great – it did exactly what Revitalash said it would! It smoothed and softened the look of my wrinkles.

Still, my skin felt a bit dry after use, even though Revitalash FineLine Primer contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

I love these before & after pictures! You can really see how “softened” the wrinkles are in the after pic.

Bottom Line

I like this product a lot, it delivers on its promise(s) and this jar should last a very long time so it’s a good value. I definitely recommend it!


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