Don’t Fret: FutureDerm’s 32 Super Moisturizers are in AIRTIGHT Jars with a Pump!

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Airtight Jar

As you all know, I am not a fan of open jars. Many ingredients, especially antioxidants, lose potency in the presence of light, heat, and air. Furthermore, hands are dirty, dirty things (some of the rarely-washed variety are dirtier than toilets —, and dipping your fingers in open jars is a bad idea, allowing bacteria to deposit and grow within your cream (ew!)

Thankfully, we thought of this at FutureDerm, and our moisturizers do NOT come in jars! Instead, they are in airtight jars with pumps. This is how they work:

Step One: Remove clear lid. Press down on the pump at the top of the jar.

airtight jar

Step Two: Press 2-3 times, until the desired amount of product is released.

airtight jar

Step Three: Apply! Your moisturizer is sterile and released in a controlled manner.

airtight jar

These airtight jars are huge in South Korea, and they’re about ten years ahead of the US in terms of skin care technology. So I’m super excited to offer them as one of the first brands in the US to do so!

Want to try one? View all 32 awesome varieties of our moisturizer, containing higher concentrations of active ingredients than any moisturizers I know of, here:

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