Follow Friday + Nicki’s Personal Updates: My Battle with My Weight

nicki battle with weight

I think we all have our personal issues: Some people drink too much, others shop too much. Some play too many video games, whereas others like to sit and veg out in front of the TV more often than could be classified as “good” for one’s well-being.

My biggest issue is probably food. Specifically, dining out. While I love to cook, I love going out to a sit-down restaurant even more. Especially during times I’m stressed out or exceptionally busy, slipping into a restaurant booth, absorbing the atmosphere, and indulging in delicious food is one of my greatest delights in life.

Unfortunately, after multiple attempts to slim down, I’m not doing well. I’ve gained 30 pounds in the past 5 years, 20 in the past two. I’m tired a lot. Exercise now is more likely to entice me to take a nap than to give me energy. My skin still looks good (woohoo, skin care research!), but I don’t want to keep gaining and losing weight, that’s terrible for your skin’s elasticity.

Even worse, I’ve started to crave food of all kinds from restaurants: spicy Pad Thai, seafood-loaded pasta, bread and butter, bread and oil, bread and cheese — bread and anything, really, you could put beans on a warm piece of freshly-baked bread and I’d crave it.

Let’s get one thing straight. Despite my weight gain, I’m not fat; my current BMI is 24. But if you extrapolate out my weight gain from the past two years into the next two, well, then I’m not sitting pretty at all and would actually be obese. It’s a health concern, albeit a preventative one. Not just vanity. 🙂

I’ve decided to be proactive about this. I’ve signed up for MyFitnessPal (username: FutureDerm, what else?!). I’m logging everything I eat and drink, and every time I exercise. If you’re on MyFitnessPal, please follow or friend me. I’m not the type of person to use forums or get involved in an online community (no particular reason, just not my thing) — but I am happy to connect with you there anyway.

I’m also going to do something that will hold me accountable: I’m going to write about my journey here on FutureDerm, on Fridays, until I reach my goal weight. I think having an audience will certainly make me less likely to reach for the second piece of bread and more likely to think about the progress picture I need to post on Fridays.

I’m starting out with Slim Fast twice per day, with string cheese or fruit as snacks, and small but healthy dinners. Lots of water, coffee, and green tea as well; I’m a seven Diet Cokes a day kind-of girl, and I’m starting to think that might have something to do with my problem…

Do you have any tips for weight loss you care to share? Let me know in Comments below!

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  • L

    Have you read the ingredients list for Slim Fast? It contains high fructose corn syrup and a boatload of garbage..just eat clean and exercise…

  • Melinda

    Have you researched, and of course asked your doctor, about consuming full fat dairy instead of low-fat? When I first read about it I thought it flew in the face of all I thought I knew about what you should eat and drink, but the further I researched it the more I began to note that many of these articles I was reading were written by medical doctors and on reputable websites. My concern was would this be bad for a person with a family history of heart disease. I am experimenting with it right now and find I am MUCH less likely to snack between meals and less likely to end up hungry again before mealtime. I need to get my weight down before health issues develop. I guess the proof will be if my weight does go down and my lipids profile comes back with good numbers in a few months.

  • I love reading your blog. Your honesty is so helpful to me especially when I feel like I’m the only one with the same issues. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Nicki, I want to wish you luck with your weight loss endeavor. It is a roller coaster that I am very familiar with. With your medical background you probably don’t need me to ask, but have you had a physical in the last couple of busy years? Could this be under active thyroid? Also, reconsider the diet soda (actually all artificial sweeteners). You don’t need me to tell you why–you are the researcher! I will look forward to reading about your progress.
    Good Luck!

  • Justine

    You’ve written about fasting before, but what are your thoughts on intermittent fasting, especially the popular 5:2 “The Fast Diet”? I haven’t committed myself to a fasting plan, but I did realize it’s easier for me not to eat than to exercise more.

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