Follow Friday + Nicki's Personal Updates: Week of December 07, 2012



Me and Michelle Phan!

These past two weeks have been super life changing.  First, the medical school agreed to extend my leave of absence to work on developing the science and technology behind FutureDerm.  I’m super grateful – things are going very well, and I know our vitamin CE serum is going to be a game-changer!

Between that and raising capital, I haven’t been writing as often.  And I miss it a lot!

I’m actually in New York City right now, working on raising capital for FutureDerm.  I have so many ideas to develop new products and interactive tools for the site, but it’s going to take extra funds to do it, so that’s why I’m out raising.  🙂

Talking to Michelle!

I’m making the most of my time here, though!   Yesterday I met with Michelle Phan for an interview, which will be on the site next week.  She was super sweet and had the most positive energy.  You can see why this girl made it!  After, I met with the owner of The Beauty Brains, who is extremely brilliant, unique, and effervescent.  Definitely a one-of-a-kind individual!

Today I went to capital-raising meetings at the NASDAQ, which was mind-blowing.  I’m really into self-improvement books and audio CDs, which I used to think was embarrassing.  Super embarrassing, actually – one time one of my friends got in my car, and before I could change to the radio, she overheard, “Feeeeeel the love you want.”  Uhhhh…yeah.

I did find these books embarrassing only until things I wanted, envisioned, planned, and worked extremely hard starting coming true.  Like, I would often envision a successful version of myself several years ago in the NASDAQ building, just because it looked cool.  And here I was, today, inside.  Amazing.  (For the record, my favorite success book is The Canfield Principles).

Then I met with dermatologist Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton, M.D., for an exclusive interview on darker skin types.   I always love visiting with Dr. Ingleton – next time I plan to bring a videographer with me to record the interview to share with my readers!

Now I’m at my hotel, resting my poor heel-clad feet.  I think I’m going to go holiday shopping next for friends and family next!  🙂

Until next week!



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  • Ginny Frawley

    OOh Nikki I am new here and I love your site- its so helpfull! I found you through the joint post you did with the beauty brains- but my personal opinion is that your site it better ( personal opinion). Good luck with the product development!

  • Jody

    Lucky you got to meet Michelle Phan! I was too busy working to go out and meet her. I’m excited to see her upcoming interview on here.

    Good luck with the capital raising!

  • How wonderful! I am so happy to hear about your news!

  • sd

    I am so happy for you that thing are working out well..when is the CE serum coming out ? looking forward to it.

  • Moxie

    Wow, Nicki, what an exciting time for your and FutureDerm!! Heel-clad feet? LOL!! I hope you packed some comfortable shoes to do your Holiday shopping. Enjoy the rest of your visit and I’ll look forward to your interview posts with Michelle Phan and Dr. Ingleton.

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