Follow Friday + Nicki's Personal Updates: Week of September 21, 2012


I’m currently in West Palm Beach, FL talking to potential partners.

Hi!  :-)

I’ve been doing really well – today, I’m flying to West Palm Beach, FL to meet with potential partners for FutureDerm.  I have really big visions for us in the future, and I’ve been blessed to meet with some amazing advisors, mentors, and potential partners.  I’m currently trying to expand our value in the blogosphere (as well as with our products) with strategic partnerships.  I won’t give too much away, but here’s a hint:  Think more expert writers and even more of the medical perspectives you love on FutureDerm!

As for me personally, meditation has been helping.  Just taking a few minutes to get centered and focused, but most of all, to remember my purpose for why I’m working so hard, why I’m making these choices, essentially why I’m on the planet helps a ton.

Another great tip I’ve heard recently:  Make a “already did” list, instead of a “to do” list.  I’ve heard IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad tracks what he’s doing every ten minutes.  I’m not near that level of productivity yet – I still like the occasional coffee with a friend that extends into lazy dinner out, or a dinner with my boyfriend that follows with a spontaneous walk – but tracking how I’m spending my time and money really makes a huge difference.  I never realized just how much of a time sink Facebook and fashion magazines are – that changed immediately.  And tracking every dime helps a lot too – $3 coffees and $10 parking really adds up.  I’m learning how to work on my life and my business rather than in my life and business, and that is changing my life.

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