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Having amazing people in your life helps a lot too. Here I am with my boyfriend, G.

When I have free time, I tend to read a lot of inspirational books.  Specifically, I like the works for Martha Beck, Jim Rohn, Jack Canfield, Darren Hardy, and John C. Maxwell the best.  They just speak to me.

One piece of meta-advice from all of them:  Track your progress.  Be honest with yourself when you do it – where in your life can you improve?  And what can you do about it – everyday?  It doesn’t have to be a drastic change, but it’s the little habits we have (or don’t) that make or break our success over time.  Think about it:  Just 100 extra calories per day is 36500 calories in a year, or just over 10 pounds.  Makes you think twice about those “100 calorie packs,” doesn’t it?

Here are what I need to change:

1.)  Sleep smarter.  It’s not that I love getting to sleep.  I don’t – I’m super energetic, and it’s hard for me to fall asleep sometimes.  The issue here is that it is difficult for me to get up in the mornings.  I end up hitting “snooze” at least 4 or 5 times.  Granted, I’m getting up early anyway, but that isn’t good, stopping and starting your sleep-wake hormones so early in the morning.  Snoozing = groggy. 

How I’m going to try to fix it:  Small, affordable rewards.  For instance, if I get up on the first alarm bell, I’ll buy myself a new song on iTunes.  Or, even better, treat myself to some freshly brewed tea, ooo.

FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5: My baby! It’s $54.95, but will be only $39.95 until September 19. Money-back guarantee for 30 days!

2.)  Maintain a positive attitude.  I believe we have the best retinol (and soon vitamin CE) products – I believe that with all my heart.  But I wouldn’t be honest if I said there weren’t days I was afraid of failing.  I get scared we might not become as popular as we need to be, or that we might not get enough venture capital to grow properly.  And I have a tendency to fret over small mistakes once they’re made.  And beat myself up over them for too long, when I need to be moving forward.

How I’m going to fix it:  As Bare Escentuals CEO Leslie Blodgett says, “If you’re really putting yourself on the line, you’re going to be scared- and that’s when you push through things.”  Another great quote, this from Success magazine publisher Darren Hardy:  “As long as you’re feeling grateful, you can’t feel fear.  Gratitude is the opposite of fear.”

So, when I’m scared, first and foremost, I write down things I’m grateful for to center myself and get back to a healthier place.  Next, I figure out no more than five small, concrete steps I can take to rectify things.  Five is the perfect number because I believe about only one out of every five early-stage strategies works.  Plus, it’s simple enough to get started right away, but not so daunting that I feel overwhelmed.   And then I execute immediately, when motivation is high and distractions have had no time to build up. It’s go time!

3.)  Learning how to delegate.  I’ve been so happy since we started to sell FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5.  It’s my lifelong dream come true to have a revolutionary product on the market, and now that it’s out, it’s just this amazing “wow” moment.  I just want to do everything – keep blogging 1-2 times daily, ship and package the orders, call stores and distributors, talk to newspapers, run the logistics of having a business.  And sometimes that wears me down.  I have an amazing team – right now, I have a full-time writer/editor, several other writers, and an intern who helps with shipping and order processing.

How I’m going to fix it:  As John C. Maxwell says, “Of course it’s easier to do everything yourself.  But that’s adding, not compounding.  And if you want to start compounding, you need to start delegating.”  One of my strengths is that I really do care about people, and I tend to see the best in them.  (Sometimes too much so – I’ve had rather, uh, fascinating dates in the past based upon “potential,” but that’s another blog post).

So when it comes to starting this business, I’m going to learn how to be patient with people, recognize their strengths, cultivate them, and allow them to do a lot of the heavy lifting together with me.  Because, truth be told, no one ever does make it in this world alone.

With that said, it’s time for (belated) Follow Friday!

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How are you doing?  Let me know in comments!  I love to hear from readers!



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