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FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5 Debuts August 16, 2012! I’m super excited and am very proud of it: High concentration of retinol; superior delivery system; pH-balanced; amazing gel formula!

We’re launching our skin care product on August 16.  As a result, I’ve been talking to a lot of business advisors and mentors about it.

In the start-up realm, it’s still majorly male-dominated, so most of the people I’ve been talking to are males.  And it’s funny – no matter how much research I present, how great my demo is, or how high-achieving or well-educated the men are, they still say this phrase most often:

“I’ll have to ask my wife what she thinks about this.”

In our post-feminism world, women are taught to be independent.  To think on our own.  As a gender, we tend to collectively underrate the opinions of men, sometimes in harmless ridicule, sometimes not.  Given the opportunity to evaluate a product in a male-oriented industry, I don’t know many independent, educated, forward-thinking women who would admit that they want to consult with their husbands before making a decision.  Not in this day and age.  But men – many men are proud to say they want to ask their wives for their opinion about a product in a traditionally female-dominated industry.

I’m not married, and I tend to be a romantic, so maybe I’m reading more into this than I should.  But I noticed this in men and I find it endearing.  And I hope it’s a sign that we’re moving into a truly equal era, where women have enough respect to make men proud to admit they want them to help with certain decisions, but also where women are secure enough in our power to acknowledge we sometimes need a male perspective as well.  I think we all do better when we lose the façade and admit what we don’t know and how we can benefit from one another. True power is acknowledging your weakness.

Anyway, I’m certainly not an expert on these types of issues, but I hope this is where our society is headed.  What do you think?

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  • @LOL Beauty – Aww! Thanks so much! Positive comments like these are the ones that help keep us going 🙂

  • @Peggy – Aww! Thanks so much! I’ve honestly been anxious about getting out this product. I know it’s high-quality and we’ve worked very hard on making sure the details are right, and I’m extremely proud of it. (I’ve been using it for three weeks and I love the results!) But I’m still nervous about sales and such. I’m hoping that it takes off, but if not, I know we did our best :-). Thank you so much for your support though!

  • @Kimmi – You’re very welcome! xox buddy!

  • Congrats on the product release! Love the site and wish you the best.

  • I’m so excited for your product to launch. I will be ordering it for sure. Congratulations!!!!! I know you will prosper!!

  • Thanks so much for including my post! xox

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