Fragrance Review: Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua for Women

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“A bouquet of aquatic florals and warm musks with a clean, natural elegance.” Calvin Klein

Eternity fragrance for women from 1988 became a great success and got many re-editions, just as its masculine “partner.” Eternity Aqua for Men was released on the market in 2010. Two years after, the house of Calvin Klein presents the female version — Eternity Aqua for Women.

Eternity Aqua for Women is described as a modern fragrance that wraps you with its casual elegance, charm and a touch of mystery. Its character is fresh aquatic, as the name suggests, enriched with woody accords and notes of light flowers.

It opens with an explosive mix of Pink Lady apple, cucumber, apricot and white peony. Modern bouquet of white flowers is at the heart of the perfume, including jasmine, tiare, gardenia and magnolia. Sensual sun-drenched woods, cedar and transparent musk are located in the base. (

Main Accords






white floral

Scent Profile

Pink lady apples are both sweet and tart, making them deliciously comple

I picked up a sample of this perfume at one of my local department stores and gave it a try. The initial spray reveals an intense burst of floral notes. I wish I could detect more of the fruity elements — the pink lady apple and apricot. I love pink lady apples, I don’t know if they are available in all parts of the country, but they are my absolute favorite apples. They are a cross of a Lady Williams apple with a Golden Delicious. They are exceptionally sweet and tart and have a very crisp texture. I honestly feel like I am having desert when I eat one of these and they’d bring that pizzazz to perfume.

Ok — back to the perfume — again, I had wanted more of the fruity elements but I can detect the cucumber immediately following the initial floral opening with some watery elements and then next to my nose is the high concentration of musk to this scent, which is evident in the bottom of the scent and upon dry down. It’s highly intense in the musk category so if that is not your thing, you probably won’t want to add this to your collection.

The mid-range of this scent is an amalgam of white florals: tiare, gardenia and magnolia

I know that this scent is marketed to women but in my honest opinion I think it could pass as a scent for both sexes. Despite the many floral components it does not come across in an overly feminine way. Sampling this perfume I was having a scent déjà vu — I just could not put my finger on exactly I was thinking of and then I realized it is because this scent is unfortunately not anything new or original in its composition.

I think that pretty much all of the scents that I’ve come across with some watery accords sort of end up smelling the same. I compared it to my sample of Davidoff’s cool water and even though several of the notes are different Aqua comes across very similarly — just a lighter version.

Again, I wished that the fruity elements had been in higher concentration as that would have given this scent a distinct character. I think this perfume is very nice, I enjoyed wearing it — its light and has a cool refreshing quality to it but as for originality; it’s just not there.

This scent is appropriate for day or night and is comes across with sophistication. Wear time was approximately 4-5 hours in the Eau De Parfum formulary.

Did You Know?

Everyone has a unique “smell print”: No two people smell things the same way because each of us has scent blind spots, meaning specific odors we can’t pick up on. So that room spray that smells like cupcakes to you and like creamed corn to your friend? You’re both right. (

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