Friday's $10 Sephora Giveaway Question: What Do You Keep Your Makeup in?



*Editor’s Note: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner Alexandra Wells!

Nicki’s Answer: “Free makeup bags that come as a gift with purchase.”

Natalie’s Answer: “Currently, it’s strewn across the top of my vanity, but I just got an old globe to take apart and use as bowls.”

Tell us what you keep your makeup in, and you could win a $10 gift card to Sephora! The winner will be randomly selected and notified on the morning of March 9 — so keep an eye out!

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  • melanie

    I keep my makeup in a Kaboodles makeup case and I love it!

  • Liz

    I keep them in and all over my vanity (made of three IKEA Alexes and a 7′ tabletop with a Helmer tucked underneath).

  • Shannon S

    I hate to confess but I have a makeup drawer.

  • Tracy

    I use two baskets that sit on my dresser, as well as a little plastic school pencil case and a mug to hold my pencils & brushes. I have a roll up brush case but it’s not very functional on a day to day. I would eventually love to have a caboodle-type case that would hold everything but right now this works!

  • Jennifer Dysart

    I keep mine in a caboodle…actualy 2 of them lol

  • Joyce

    Vanity table and makeup bags!

  • i like to keep my makeup on my vanity in plastic drawers 🙂 i like em organized ~
    in my bag, i put my makeup in a nice spacious cosmetics bag, enough space for all my essentials 🙂

  • All my makeup is in carry-all beach bag.

  • Tanya

    I keep mine in a huge train case

  • Rozy

    In a Hello Kitty bucket with her dressed as the easter bunny, very cute!

  • Kim D.

    I keep mine in the drawer in my makeup bags.

  • Jennifer

    In a drawer with plastic dividers.

  • April

    All over my bathroom! Especially the front drawers! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lynn

    Last year I bough a MUFE small train case for make up not in use, but my other make are in a little caddy i had from childhood that a cheap replica of the red basket you use when you shop at the supermarket stores.

  • C R Williams

    I use a BB cream

  • Mamavalveeta03

    My bathroom….lol…Seriously, I have a container with drawers, and about 3 makeup train cases full…then there are all of those bags….

  • Kristine

    In a large cosmetic bag for at home and a small one for travel 🙂

  • Kimberly

    I keep mine in a zippered cosmetic case.

  • CharityS

    In my makeup basket.

  • Cher

    I keep my everyday makeup in a vinyl makeup bag, and extra makeup in a rollup case. I keep my makeup brushes in a glass jar, always standing up! 😉

  • Sarah

    In a clear acrylic, 3 tiered drawer that sits besides my desk.

  • Alexandra Wells

    Until I can buy myself a nice makeup case, it is currently in a ziplock bag. Trying to make the best of it!

  • Shanna M

    I keep my favorites that I use the most in a zip up birth control pouch. Ironically, I have about 15 cosmetic bags, but my favorites don’t fit well and aren’t as easy to get to. The rest of the makeup is scattered in a drawer in my bathroom, lol.

  • Olivia Rubin

    On my medicine cabinet shelf.

  • Vicki N

    My husband installed a mirrored medicine cabinet on the side of our bathroom vanity so I would leave a mess all over the sink

  • maryane ford

    i keep my makeup in two makeup bags one i take with me in a coach bag ,given to me by my grand daughter the other is a no name i leave at home because i don’t use it all the time.

  • Sheena Mariee Eaton

    I keep all of my makeup in 4 makeup bags. I have so many cosmetics (I’m a beauty junkie) so I need all 4. But I bet I could get creative and make an organizer or vanity to put it all so I know where each and everything is instead of having to check 4 different bags for the items I am looking for, lol!

  • cathy b

    Some in my vanity drawer and the rest on a shelf cubby I made in my closet

  • Christina B

    I keep all my makeup in my TrueBlood mini-backpack. It’s perfect!

  • tenita

    a make up bag my mom gave me

  • carmen k

    I keep them in muji rectangular containers, I don’t have much, 2 small boxes can fit all of my cosmetics.

  • shelly

    I keep mine in 3 large clear trays that I purchased from Target. They are shallow so nothing is stacked on top of anything else and I can see everything.

  • stephanie c

    I have a couple different sized make up bags that I bring with me depending on where I am going and how much make up I plan on wearing that day!

  • Tiffany C

    I use my free makeup bags for travel, but I have a tray with different jars/containers that I use to keep everything organized!

  • Nancy

    Multiple makeup cases that I keep in my bathroom, work bag and purses.

  • Heather USA (FB: rosie areola)

    I keep mine in acrylic drawers and risers and some in makeup bags (yes, plural lol)

  • Manu

    I keep my makeup in an acrylic case bought from looks really pretty set up & you can see all of your makeup. The brushes i keep in pouch bought from Mac.

  • anjali

    I keep mine in a cookie box! It was the perfect size and it has compartments to separate eye, lips, face, and tools 🙂

  • Justine

    My answer is the same as Nicki’s.

  • Cate

    The makeup I use most often sits in a clear acrylic container on my dresser. The rest of my makeup is stored away in a drawer.

  • Taylor

    I keep mine inside a drawer, but my favorites items go inside a lacquered box

  • Dee

    Most of it is stored in single layers on medicine cabinet shelves. Things like brushes, tiny tubes, or lipsticks are kept upright in small jars on my bathroom counter.

  • Kat

    I keep my cosmetics in a Caboodle.

  • Lucy

    In a shoebox from China that is lined with red silk. It is very old and beat up on the outside, but it is special to me because it held some shoes from my father (who is one of my biggest role models!).

  • Melanie Harless

    I have an Estee Lauder make-up bag that I can pick up in a hurry & take with me for my daily needs but the extras are in a basket I keep in the bathroom.

  • Mandy Kirk

    Mine is in multiple train cases and bags. I have yet to find something big enough to suit my wants and needs.

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