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Maybe it’s just my perception, but I’ve been blogging for almost five years now, and I’ve noticed that I get a lot more press releases for flowery, fruity products come springtime.  This year, the decided to go ahead and partake in samples from several companies, and here are the best three products we’ve tried:

Bubalina Cherry Marzipan Hand and Body Lotion1.)  Bubalina Cherry Marzipan Anti-Aging Hand and Body Lotion ($24.00,

If you love the scent of Jergens Original Scent Body Lotion ($7.64, but were looking for something all-natural and organic to add to your repertoire, look no further than Bubalina Cherry Marzipan Anti-Aging Hand and Body Lotion.  Our testers adored the scent – sweet like cherries mixed with hints of vanilla – and the thick-yet-fast-absorbing formula.  We loved the ingredients, with a higher concentration of organic aloe vera juice than even water.  Aloe has been used as a folk remedy for dry skin and wound healing since the 1930’s in the U.S., and recent research in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology has confirmed aloe acts as an inflammatory, while a review of ten aloe vera-related studies shows aloe is effective in treating genital herpes and psoriasis flare-ups as well.

What’s more, another study from the Sylvester Comprehensive Medical Center in Miami found that very high concentrations of aloe (> 2,700 cGy) applied daily over the course of five weeks does make a dramatic difference in treating very dry skin. The effects of aloe have been found to be cumulative, with increased softening occurring over time – all the more reason to keep applying Bubalina Cherry Marzipan Anti-Aging Hand and Body Lotion.  Bonus:  If the scent is too strong for you, save it for use exclusively after the bath or shower, on slightly moist skin to really lock in the moisture!

2.  Roger and Gallet Paris The vert perfume ($42.00,

Before I go any further, let me just share: is searching for a fragrance writer for our staff, so if you are interested, please let me know at nicki[at]futurederm[dot]com!

Now, with that said, the vert is an energy-inducing sweet citrus aroma. The heavy note is lemon from limonene, which has been shown to have mild antiseptic, antibacterial, insecticidal, and astringent properties (Gold et al, 2009).  Though it reminds me of the type of scent that is perfect to wear to a business meeting – crisp yet feminine, sharp yet romantic – the vert was actually designed to be worn on special occasions, like one’s wedding day.  Inspired by the serenity of Mount Fuji, Japan, the vert technically blends a cascade of green tea and citrus fruits with base notes of flower blossoms and precious wood.  I’m a huge fan, even if I’m not saving mine for a special occasion!  Official Roger & Gallet website

3.  St Ives Naturally Smooth Natural Fruit AHA Complex ($5.59,

For less than the price of lunch, you can get a month’s worth of this amazing alpha hydroxy acid-based treatment.  St Ives Naturally Smooth Natural Fruit AHA Complex contains lactic acid, which is one of the best treatments for dry skin.  In fact, LacHydrin, a prescription drug FDA approved to treat (surprise!) dry skin, has lactic acid as its main ingredient.

St Ives Naturally Smooth Natural Fruit AHA Complex also has a number of citrus fruit extracts, including lemon and orange, which lowers the pH of the formulation, making it easier on the skin after cleansing (Dermatologic Surgery, 2004).  Though many do not like petrolatum, I still do, because it is an occlusive agent that traps moisture into the skin, and cosmetic-grade petrolatum has been found not to have significant toxic effects in human individuals in the concentrations typical in skin care products (Food and Chemical Toxicology, 1996).  Still, I do understand the “better safe than sorry” approach of some of my readers, and I respect your decision.

At any rate, St Ives Naturally Smooth Natural Fruit AHA Complex makes an excellent body lotion when used under a sunscreen.  It hydrates extremely well, brightens dull body skin, and drinks into skin quickly.  Love.



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