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Toxins in Lipstick

5 Harmful Chemicals That May be Lurking in Your Makeup

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. (July 16, 2014) – We live in a world where makeup is big business. In fact, sales are estimated to reach over $58 billion this year for cosmetics. With the natural and organic makeup sector growing to $9 billion in sales, according to the Organic Monitor, it’s clear that people are searching for safer products. As people focus on how the makeup they wear looks, they may be missing out on what’s lurking inside that may potentially damage their health.

“People love to wear makeup, and that’s understandable, but it is important to pay close attention to the quality of makeup and what ingredients are in it,” explains Crystal Wellman, owner of the Crystal Clear Acne Clinic. “Even being natural or organic doesn’t necessarily mean there’s nothing harmful in it.”

While there are numerous chemicals that go into makeup, there are some that stand out more than others as ones that should be avoided. Here are 5 potentially harmful chemicals that may be lurking in your makeup:

  1. Phthalates. Occurring in many types of cosmetic and personal care products, phthalates have come under fire for their possible link to endocrine disruption and developmental and reproductive toxicity, according to the Breast Cancer Fund.
  2. Lead. Often found in sunscreen, lipstick, foundation, and other cosmetics, lead is a neurotoxin, which can lead to behavioral and learning problems. It has also been linked to such things as infertility, early puberty, and miscarriages.
  3. Aluminum. This metal is believed to mimic estrogen, which can lead to DNA damage. It is also under suspicion by many who find it may have an association with breast cancer occurrence.
  4. Talc. A mineral, this has had mixed results that have linked it to certain types of cancer.
  5. FD&C Colors and coal tarCertain colorings can give people allergic reactions and have been linked to various health problems. Coal tar has also been linked to cancer.

“Rather than simply like the color or name brand on cosmetics, take a look at the ingredients,” added Wellman. “If you find harmful chemicals in there, choose something else. They are not worth the risks that you may be taking by using them on a regular basis.”

Crystal Clear Acne Clinic is a new full-service skin care clinic located at located at 1210 Princess Anne St. Suite A in Fredericksburg, Va. The clinic offers skin care treatment for a wide variety of conditions, including acne, rosacea, and aging. The clinic is owned by serial entrepreneur Crystal Wellman, who is a Master Aesthetician and also owns Ladyburg, a skincare store. She is also a certified acne specialist, and is also certified in the areas of oncology, dermaplane, and microdermabrasion.  For more information on the Crystal Clear Acne Clinic visit their website atwww.crystalclearacneclinic.com.

Laura Mercier Launches Six New Caviar Stick Eye Colours in Time for Caviar Day (Friday, July 18)

Laura Mercier Caviar

This Friday (July 18) is National Caviar Day, and in honor of the delicacy, we wanted to share the latest news about Laura Mercier’s cult-classic Caviar Stick Eye Colours ($28).

We recently released six brand new shades of the Laura’s luxe do-it-all sticks. These convenient and versatile eye colours can be used to shadow, highlight and/or line and define.

Key Attributes:

·        Glides on smoothly and evenly

·        Provides rich colour payoff

·        Water-resistant formula imparts long wearing eye colour

·        Transfer and crease resistant

·        Creamy, lightweight formula blends effortlessly

A favorite of celeb makeup artists, Laura’s Caviar Sticks are a staple in their kits for red carpet season. Monika Blunder used theCocoa shade to intensify Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s smoky-eye look at this year’s Vanity Fair Oscars Party, while Stephen Sollitto amplified Amy Adam’s eye at the 2014 Golden Globes with Plum and Sugar Frost.


Strange Invisible Perfumes

Venice, Calif. – (July 15, 2014) – Strange Invisible Perfumes introduces its first travel size eaux de parfums just in time for the peak of summer. The collection of 15 ml spray bottles offers an on-the-go option for devotees of the 100% authentic botanical perfumery.

The perfect companion for summer travel and a convenient way to refresh fragrance through the day, the Signature Collection of eleven scents includes:

  • AQUARIAN ROSE: Hydro-distilled rose brightens a warm sea of marjoram and sandalwood.
  • ATLANTIC: A warm, layered composition of bay rum, frankincense and amber with a civilized note of
  • BLACK ROSETTE: The dark side of roses. Hydro-distilled essences of rose and Moroccan spearmint cling to the menacing aroma of leather.
  • DIMANCHE: Iris root, hydro-distilled rose, honey and amber recollect leisurely Sunday lunches in Paris.
  • EPIC GARDENIA: The humid, velvety scent of live gardenias.
  • FAIR VERONA: Jasmine blooms sparkle with hydro-distillates of bergamot, grapefruit, sandalwood and
  • L’INVISIBLE: Hydro-distilled essences of lemon, bergamot and mandarin enliven a warm heart of vanilla, rose, ylang ylang, jasmine and oakmoss.
  • MAGAZINE STREET: An opulent perfume inspired by New Orleans. Vanilla, vetiver, magnolia and botanical musk conjure lush gardens wild with history and balconies of black iron lace.
  • MUSC BOTANIQUE: Organic, hydro-distilled geranium and frankincense enhance crystalline notes of white amber and botanical musk.
  • PELOPONNESIAN: Notes of mountain sage honey, Aegean sea air, hydro-distilled lime, orange and cypress evoke the ancient aromas of the Peloponnesos in southern Greece.
  • PRIMA BALLERINA: A satiny bouquet of hydro-distilled rose, white sage, lime and botanical musk.

Prices range from $105-$145 and are available at the Strange Invisible Perfumes Venice Beach boutique and online at siperfumes.com.


Botanical perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis founded Strange Invisible Perfumes in 2000 with the conviction that high perfumery be made of authentic botanical essences. Each botanical fragrance is formulated with certified organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic and hydro-distilled essences. Limited batches are then hand-blended and set into a base of custom-distilled esprit de Cognac and aged for a minimum of six months. Each Strange Invisible Perfume is decanted rather than filtered, and bottled in-house in Venice, California. In addition to the collection of 12 fragrances, Strange Invisible Perfumes also produces a collection of remarkably pure bath and body products made with certified organic, non-photosensitizing ingredients suitable for all skin types.


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