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Scott E. Newman MD, FACS Now Offers Thermi-RF™ Skin Tightening at the Advanced Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in New York

New York, NY – Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Scott E. Newman MD, FACS has acquired one of the only Thermi-RF™ Skin Tightening systems in the New York City area. The Thermi Radio Frequency (RF) machine contracts and tightens the skin from the inside out, with a procedure that is almost completely noninvasive and really works. Thermi tightening can help to improve and smooth away loose, sagging skin and wrinkles on different parts of the body with the simple use of an injectable radiofrequency delivered by a needle-sized probe called a thermistor, which monitors and controls temperature for optimal results and complete patient safety. The procedure delivers exceptional results in tightening, but also increases the skin’s collagen supply, restoring its elasticity and suppleness with immediate and lasting results for patients.

Dr. Newman’s practice, The Advanced Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, has three offices in the New York metro, and he is the only doctor in Westchester and Long Island to have this machine, and one of just a few plastic surgeons offering ThermiTight™ in Manhattan. This groundbreaking technology makes it easier and less invasive to treat skin laxity, melting away fat and delivering results that patients love with very little downtime.

“Thermi-RF is a game-changer,” says Scott E. Newman MD, FACS. “For years we’ve known that Radio-Frequency, when delivered to the base of the skin, will make the skin more elastic and tighter. Thermage has always been the most effective device available, but it becomes less effective where the skin is thicker. Thermi-RF lets us significantly tighten areas where the skin is thick and it is a great alternative—and sometimes a better choice—than surgery…and I’m saying that as a surgeon!”

ThermiTight can be effective in as little as one treatment, but depending on the area being treated, multiple treatment sessions may be needed. The Thermi-RF machine causes contraction and coaxes the desired tightening results for skin no matter how thick or thin. Some common areas effectively addressed by Thermi-RF Tightening include:

  • Reducing fat deposits along the back and bra line
  • Smoothing and slenderizing the face and neck
  • Tightening the tummy and thighs
  • Reducing skin laxity in just about any part of the body.

To ensure patient safety at all times, the Thermi-RF probe features two tips—one that operates as a thermometer, and the other that delivers the radiofrequency skin treatments. The temperature of the tissues inside the skin is constantly measured by the tip of the Thermi device in real-time while an infrared camera component monitors the surface of the skin. The thermistor is inserted under the skin and begins to deliver safe, controlled levels of heat to the tissues from the inside, resulting in slight changes to the tissues and sparking production of new elastic collagen. Skin becomes smoother and more flexible, and remains scar free, since the only incision required is to insert the tiny, needle-sized Thermi electrode beneath the skin. The procedure requires only local anesthesia, generally lasts just one hour, and patients typically return to their daily activities without missing a beat.

Through the use of the Thermi device, Dr. Newman is able to improve the skin’s appearance by contracting and tightening the skin from the inside rather than the outside. Results are noticeable immediately, but also over the course of the three to six months following the procedure. Dr. Newman has completed numerous Thermi procedures, specifically for the face and neck in place of traditional lifts, in his three offices since acquiring the device earlier this year. As a true testament to its success, Dr. Newman has undergone Thermi skin tightening procedures himself, becoming keenly aware of all aspects of this complete game changer in the world of plastic surgery technique.


Scott E. Newman MD, FACS is a leading board certified plastic surgeon in the New York City area who has performed more than 4,000 cosmetic & reconstructive breast and body procedures to date. He also has extensive experience using less invasive lasers and machine-based treatments for skin and facial rejuvenation. Dr. Newman is the only plastic surgeon in the Long Island and Westchester areas of New York to offer Thermi skin tightening treatments, and one of just a few doctors in Manhattan to have a Thermi device at his practice, The Advanced Plastic Surgery & Laser Center. For more information on Dr. Newman and his offices, please visit www.psurgery.com.

Thermi Radiofrequency (RF), also known as Thermi-RF™ or ThermiTight™, is a very safe and effective type of injectable radiofrequency used to smooth and tighten the skin, no matter how thick or thin, often in as little as one single treatment. The procedure makes use of a needle-sized probe called a thermistor, which monitors and controls temperature in plastic surgery and dermatology procedures designed to tighten and contract loose or sagging skin. This groundbreaking medical equipment ensures patient safety and immediate and lasting results through skin tightening procedures that work from the inside out. For more information, please visit www.thermi.com.


Scunci Introduces a Lazy Girl’s (Still Cute) Hair Guide



Scunci lazy girl hair guide
Don’t be ashamed by your lazy girl style and own it! It’s summer and all your time should be spent on having fun and making memories, not on hair care!

Here are our top picks (with tips!) on how to save time and look gorgeous as ever:

The Half-Updo: Scunci No Slip Grip Barrettes, Hair Ties for that perfect on the-go updo that no one needs to know you spent 5 minutes on!

Scunci hair barrettes
The Pony: Conair Perfect Pony, Scunci Beautiful Blends Bobby Pins, for a gorge and perfect pony, every time without fail!

Scunci perfect pony
The Bun: Conair Bun Maker, Scunci Effortless Beauty Thin Hair Bands and Comfort Curve Bobby Pins, for a quick update on the classic!

Scunci bobbi pins
The After-Gym Updo: Scunci Everyday & Actives Luxe Fabric Stretch Headwrap, 3x Stronger Hair Ties, because we all know looking cute post gym is everything!


Scunci hair accessories

Top 5 Makeup Hacks with beautyblender & sur.face pro



Description: Macintosh HD:Users:ATA:Desktop:Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 12.02.29 PM.png
1.     Need to touch up your cheeks? Using your sur.face pro, mix any lipstick with a drop of your favorite foundation for a custom cream blush. Apply with the original beautyblender for a flawless finish.

2.     In a rush? Mix your primer and foundation together for one-step application that will last all day.

3.     Not sure what to do with all those loose pigments? Put some Vaseline on your sur.face pro, sprinkle any shade into the Vaseline to create and store a custom lip tint or cream eye shadow.

4.     Want light coverage with SPF protection for a day in the sun? Blend using a stick foundation with your daily moisturizer and any SPF using the sur.face pro spatula to create your own BB/CC cream.

5.     Looking for a fuller pout? Mix your favorite lip gloss with a drop of peppermint oil to give it a plumping effect.  Apply with the new micro.mini

6.     Don’t know what to do with your old beautyblender? Cut the sponge in half lengthwise. Apply three of your favorite nail polish colors to the tip and apply onto your nails for one-step ombre nail art. Use a Q-Tip with nail polish remover to clean the edges.

With the beautyblender sur.face pro, anyone can mix and match like the pros. Five numbered storage wells organize the blends and a clear, snap-on cover keeps them protected.


BeautiControl launches new line



BC white Logo.jpg

BeautiControl Introduces New Color Line

406728_14133-D1-063Beauty Control_Color_Family_Primary_a2_g7

BeautiControl may be one of the best kept secrets in the world of beauty, but while it may be unknown to many, it was actually founded over three decades ago and touts a large and passionate fan-base of women across the country.  This is very much thanks to the powerful personal relationships that the brand is built on – relationships which have been cultivated by its more than 75,000 consultants.

Now BeautiControl, in the midst of a total re-branding, is showing off a fresh, sleek new look and a “be you. be beautiful.” philosophy that speaks to what so many women are looking for in a beauty line.  The first big unveiling is the newly designed color collection, which includes the introduction of seven new products, all of which will launch in August on BeautiControl.com:

pure touch blush ($20): A silky-smooth formula so color-rich you’ll be blushing for hours! Available in four natural looking shades that glide on evenly and minimize little skin imperfections to maximizing your natural radiance.

color impact eye shadow ($18): 24 intense stay-true colors sweep over lids with a velvety-smooth finish that stays put and feels comfortable all day. Apply dry or wet for added drama and attention.

intense mineral shadow trio ($20): Vibrant, intensely pigmented shades blend together easily to create just the right look. Choose from 12 long-lasting, fade-resistant color groupings. Apply dry or wet for added drama and attention.

dramatic lash mascara ($25): Amplifies the volume of lashes, making them appear thicker and longer with a multi dimensional brush that lengthens without clumping.

lip perfecting pencil ($25): Seals lip color with smooth defining lines that minimize feathering. Available in seven smudge-resistant shades, unique waterproof formula extends lipstick wear. Convenient wind up applicator means no sharpening necessary.

hydra brilliance lip color ($18): Each creamy sweep is enriched with hydrating aquatic herbs, essential vitamins and antioxidants to lock in moisture and lavish lips in vibrant color. Color-magnifying crystals add extra brilliance to all 26 lustrous shades.

lip shine lighted lip gloss ($22): Gives lips a luscious shine in a range of six high gloss finish shades. Comes with built-in LED light and mirror for quick and easy touch-ups anytime, anywhere. Doe foot applicator provides flawless application.



Butterfly Studio Releases Summer Hair Braid Guide

Butterfly Studio hair guide

With summer in full effect, we’re constantly thinking about ways to stay cool. Frizziness and dryness are among the hair issues that we are constantly combating during these hot, humid days. Luckily, Butterfly Studio Salon stylist Jason J. Dougherty breaks down a super-chic, frizz-fighting braid that will take you from the office to happy hour, and will even withstand the long, sweaty commute all the way home!

The Office Look

“This chic work look is a variation of the Milkmaid Braid. By placing the braids on the bottom, they sport a polished look that is ideal for any professional woman. Instead of bringing the braid to the crown, I took two very large sections of french braids and crossed them before pinning up. Add in some texture for softness and allow pieces to fall around the face for an ultra-effortless look.” – Jason J. Dougherty, Butterfly Studio Salon stylist.

1. Comb the hair and work out all tangles.

2. Apply a light oil like Oribe Gold Lust Hair Oil and work through the ends.

3. Create a center part and bring it all the way down to the back. Divide hair in two sections.

4. Place a smoothing balm such as Shu Uemura’s Touch of Gloss on the roots and work into the crown.

5. Comb hair nice and taught and begin a thick French Braid on one side of the head. Place elastic rubber band to hold ends. Repeat on other side.

6. Bring one braid up and anchor to head with bobby pins. Repeat on the other side.

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