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We’re giving away Australian Gold Self-Tanning Lotion and Moisture Lock!

Sun is the #1 cause of aging. With the right precautions (one of the biggest being staying out of the sun!), you can look younger for much longer. Think starting to see signs of aging in your 40s and 50s instead of your 20s and 30s. Time in the sun causes DNA damage, decreases cell turnover, and decreases collagen production.But that means remaining a somewhat paler shade that some people would like and come winter, it’s tempting for some to visit tanning booths to try to get some color (which we advise against very highly!).

If you want to be tan, a safer way to do it is with Australian Gold Self-Tanning Lotion. Sunless tanning works because its main ingredient Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) forms melanoids (or pigments) on the outermost layer of skin by reacting with animo acids and amino groups. These, in turn, cause an amine reaction with with keto and aldo compounds that form ketoimines and aldoimines (Danish Ministry of the Environment). This doesn’t alter your actual melanin, only the top layer of skin, so remember that you still need plenty of sunscreen, especially immediately after applying self-tanner.

And once you have your tan on, Australian Gold Moisture Lock helps keep your color. The lotion contains soothing aloe, which has been shown to expedite wound healing in humans and animals and also improve skin hydration over time (University of Maryland Medical Center, Skin Technology and Research). Sunflower oil contains a lot of linoleic acid, which keeps skin hydrated by being taken into the skin lipids and preventing moisture loss from hair (British Journal of Dermatology). Sunflower seed oil is also a great source of antioxidant vitamin E (Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society).

If you want to have color in a safer way and keep it longer with hydrated skin, Australian Gold Self-Tanning Lotion and Moisture Lock can give you both. Enter our

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