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About the author (in her own words):  Hello FutureDerm Readers! My name is Bridget Bowes and am an ambassador for FutureDerm out here on the west coast. I’m currently living in LA pursuing a career in acting (and making good use out of my B.A. in Government from Georgetown University).

Bellacures in Pasadena, CA

I’m not sure that there is anything more relaxing than a good pedicure. Without a doubt, my feet take a beating each and every day. From my dancing, to running on a treadmill, to the nine hours I stand on my feet selling kids shoes every day while I try to support my dream of finding steady acting work – my feet definitely need some pampering! So when I was invited to Bellacures for a pedicure, I was extremely excited to try a new spa and enjoy a stress free afternoon.

When I first walked into Bellacures, I thought I might be in the wrong place. I immediately noticed there were no big pedicure chairs, no overwhelming smell of acetone, and no endless line of waiting patrons. After checking in with the receptionist, I was told to pick out a polish color from a wall so pristinely organized it rivaled even my compulsively neat habits on its best day. I was immediately shown to what can only be described as a big lounge chair and began to relax for my treatment.

If you’re used to disorganized nail salons, Bellacures is a nice surprise!

Since these were not the normal every day pedicure stations, my pedicurist brought over a small bin to soak my feet in. However, I was barely able to put my feet in the water before she started to work on my feet. The whole process was quick, efficient, and felt very routine. There was cuticle cutting, nail filing, a brief pass at some calluses, and a very quick leg massage. I will admit, the thing I am most picky about in getting a pedicure is the application of the polish. I myself, am completely inept at putting on nail polish. When I try to apply it at home it inevitably ends up all over my toes and floor and will predictably chip the very first day. So when I get pedicures, the main goal for me is for the polish to last as long as possible. And in that respect, I have no complaints. The pedicurist did a wonderful job and left me in my comfy chair for as long as I wanted to let my toes dry.

The end result? Beautiful nails! And complete comfort.

At the end of the day, Bellacures felt more like getting a pedicure in your own living room than in an overrun day spa. While nothing overly special, it was a job well done at a reasonable price.

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  • Your pedicure looks great, and I love the polish color you selected!

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