Giveaway: How Does Your Beauty Routine Change for Fall?

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How Does Your Beauty Routine Change for Fall? Share in Comments, and you could win a $10 Amazon gift card! Winner announced Tuesday, July 15, 2014.

My beauty routine changes in two ways:


First, I add a moisturizer to my skin care routine. Typically, I use a cleanser, toner, antioxidant serum, and sunscreen in the AM, and a cleanser, toner, and retinol at night for my normal/combination, somewhat sensitive skin. In the fall and winter months, I’ll add in a treatment moisturizer before sunscreen in the AM, and after the retinol at night. Currently I’m using all FutureDerm products (of course), and I’m working on formulating a new Retinol 0.75 and 1.0 for the fall/winter!


Second, I change up my makeup a little bit. The sunlight in Pittsburgh is pretty dim in the fall and winter months, so I can get away with more of a berry lipstick and blush than I can in the summer months. Currently, I’m looking at Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick in Fig as my fall go-to color.


Got other questions? Let me know at nicki[at]futurederm[dot]com! Love hearing from you!

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  • Nicki Zevola

    Congrats to @Kim, the winner of this giveaway! You will be contacted via email shortly.

    For all other entrants, thank you! Be sure to enter our next giveaway today!

  • Ling

    I add a serum and a heavier moisturizer

  • Kim

    As summer winds down and we move into fall, I switch to using foundation instead of a tinted BB cream. I also use more lip color, less gloss.

  • Elyse

    As the weather get chillier, I tend to use glycolic products more often. I also begin using a thicker moisturizer.

  • Madeline

    I use more color in the fall, colorful eyeshadows and darker lipsticks. In the summer I like the nude look.

  • latanya

    The only thing I change is a heavier moisturizer.

  • Noel

    During the summer, my makeup routine is minimal. I usually just use a tinted moisturizer/sunscreen, a little mascara, and a clear or light colored lip balm. Come fall, I add foundation, eye shadow and liner, and a bit more color on my cheeks and lips. As a result, my evening cleansing routing becomes more important, and my skin needs (rather than just likes) a gentle and nourishing moisturizer.

  • Libby

    Not much changes skincare wise but I do find myself upping the moisturizer. Whereas I use a lighter, gel-like formulation in the summer, I often switch to slightly thicker creams! Also on the mask front, less clay masks and more hydrating or radiance ones!

    In terms of makeup, similar to you, I break out all my wine red lipsticks or my berry/brick ones. I love a darker lip and a darker blush for the summer. I also tend to wear smokier colors on my eyelids!

  • shaunie

    Mine changes to adding a heavier moisturizer and cleanser in the fall .

  • mimi

    I change over to richer formulas to cushion my skin against the drier cooler air. During the summer, I focus on lighter antioxidant filled, yet hydrating lotions. My retinol treatment stay the same throughout the year, and ( continue using spf 30 + daily.

  • Mandy K

    I don’t really change my routine at all, maybe I should. But sometimes use a heavier moisturizer in the dry weather I live in

  • she-alex

    Mainly I change from a lighter fluid to a richer skincare and thena I have to adapt the color of my BB cream and foundation…

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