Giveaway: Which magazines do you read?

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Which other websites do you love? Share in Comments, and you could win a $10 Amazon gift card! Winner announced Friday, July 25, 2014.

As for me: I read three different types of magazines: women’s fashion/beauty magazines, business, and fitness.

My favorite women’s fashion/beauty magazines are Vogue, Elle, Glamour, O, and Allure. I like Vogue’s fashion take, Elle‘s glamorous-yet-professional attitude, Glamour’s down-to-earth humor, O’s positive spin, and Allure’s in-depth information behind beauty products. (Of course I love that, c’mon!)

My favorite business magazine is Inc.

My favorite fitness magazines are SHAPE and Self.

Got other questions? Let me know at nicki[at]futurederm[dot]com! Love hearing from you!

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13 thoughts on “Giveaway: Which magazines do you read?

  1. elysek says:

    I’m a recovering magazineaholic. I’m trying to cut back. I enjoy fitness and health magazines like Women’s Health, Shape, and Fitness. Also fashion magazines like Vogue, Lucky, and Elle. I also enjoy Allure.

  2. ella says:

    I read “mind candy” magazines like People and US Weekly, but only in waiting rooms. :)
    I devour design magazines like Dwell and Interior Design.
    I enjoy lifestyle mags like Real Simple and my MIL’s Martha Stewart Living. And, no joke, Handyman Magazine.

  3. Justine says:

    I’ll read just about any magazine that’s provided to me for free. I can usually find something interesting in it. The only magazine I’ll pay for, though, is Cook’s Illustrated because I trust the editorial content and because the print version doesn’t contain ads.

  4. Susan P. says:

    I read whatever magazine I’ve gotten for free, usually Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens or Good Housekeeping.

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