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For many women, makeup is a huge part of their life.  Whether they only wear cover up or they wear it all, it has its obvious pros.  The cons, however, are not so obvious.  For some, wearing makeup has a direct correlation with facial blemishes.  Acne, for example, has become a major problem.  Since most makeup is applied to regions such as your forehead and cheeks, those are the areas that are most commonly taken over by acne.  There are many ways to avoid acne and blemishes.

Makeup, along with, bacteria and many other substances can clog your pores.  This is one of the main paths to causing acne.  When you apply makeup, such as blush or cover up, it eventually spreads throughout your face, which includes dropping down into your pores.  To avoid this, actively follow some or all of the methods listed below.

A lot of makeup contains penetrating oils, so look for makeup that is tagged “oil-free” or “non-comedogenic.” Comedogenic basically refers to pore clogging substances.   Cosmetic products that contain ingredients for smooth and even application are more likely to have oils that will penetrate your pores.  Another item to avoid is cream blush or cream eye shadow; these types also contain pore-clogging ingredients that can spread from your eyes and cheeks all the way around your face. Products that include petroleum or mineral oil are non-comedogenic and you will be less like to breakout.  When it comes to blush and eye shadow, try to stick with powder or gel textured products.  However, even the powder eye shadow and blush contain a mineral called mica.  Mica is a tiny, jagged particle that can irritate your pores as well as clog them.

Acne around the mouth is also common when it comes to makeup.  Certain lip-glosses and lipsticks can cause this problem.  Ingredients such as wax can aggravate the pores around your lips.

Other products that can amplify the risk of a break out are hair products and body sprays.  Hair products contain alcohol and oils that should not come in contact with your skin.  To avoid that contact, cover your face when spraying and styling your hair.  When it comes to perfumes, they follow suit with adding unwanted oils to your face.

Read labels and talk to cosmetologists to find the best beauty products that are oil-free or fragrance-free when it comes to perfumes, and products that will not irritate your pores.  If you decided to stick with the makeup you have, be sure to wash your face.  Throughout the day, you are obviously going to sweat.  This will cause natural oils on your face, these oils and sweat along with the makeup you wear can highly contribute to irritation and pore clogging.  By washing your face you will eliminate the resources cause acne.  You can also check out different acne products that you can use with a combination of cosmetic products helping you to avoid acne.

Although makeup has many advantages, it does have a few, dangerous disadvantages.  As stated above, there are many ways you can go about protecting your skin from damaging cosmetic products.

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