Happy THANKSgiving!

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Go indulge this Thanksgiving! You guys earned it!

For me, this holiday is a chance to celebrate the collage of memories of the past year that made my heart sing. One of the biggest highlights was when Nicki asked me to join the FutureDerm team, which granted me the privilege of writing for some of the most sincere, fervent, and emotionally resonant readers I’ve ever met. Therefore, this post will be about you guys, just because you’re a reader.

T – Tretinoin

In Spotlight on: Tretinoin, which has a total of EIGHT comments, Harriet stated, “Your blog is my new obsession.”

Thank you, Harriet.

In What is Retinol Metabolism, which has a total of SIXTEEN comments, Mary stated, “Thanks, John! I have both Finacea and 0.025 Retin-A, so thank you for the advice!”

 You’re welcome, Mary. And thank you.

H – Hydroxy Acids

In Hydroxy Acids Part II, which has a total of EIGHTEEN comments, Rachel stated, “I love these educational articles. I learn so much that guides my next product choices and may illuminate why some products work for me and some do not.”

 I’m so glad. Thank you, Rachel.

 In Hydroxy Acids Part IV, which has a total of NINE comments (14 tweets, and 88 likes; the most ever for me!), Janine stated, “You are always so kind and tolerant… God, I wish you could visit my medicine cabinet.”

 You guys bring out the best in me. So thank you, Janine.

A – Ascorbic Acid (L-enantiomer)

In Spotlight On: L-Ascorbic Acid, which has a total of SEVEN comments, Karen stated, “Is there any ingredient we should avoid when using vitamin C products? A few sources say we need to avoid sodium benzoate.”

Not only did you bring up an interaction that I’ve never seen before, you also inspired Nicki to write an entire post about this topic. Thank you, Karen.

N – Niacinamide

In Spotlight On: Vitamin B3, which has a total of TWENTY-TWO comments, Rafael stated, “As always one more post of extreme refinement and with excellent information… Thanks again for your attention.”  

 You guys will always have my attention, no matter what. Thank you, Rafael.

In Should Niacinamide and L-Ascorbic Acid Be Used Together, which has a total of SEVENTY-ONE comments (the most ever on a non-giveaway post; 2nd overall), Eileen stated, “Not only was the post itself of great interest, but so were your thoughtful responses to all the questions.”

Janine stated, “Thanks for caring, and I honestly mean that.”

Sarah stated, “Thanks for another great post. You’re my favorite contributor to FutureDerm!”

Peach stated, “YOU’RE THE BEST!! I trust you.”

France stated, “Thank you so much John for taking the time to read everybody’s comments and replying… Peach wrote “I trust you” at the end of her comment above… I feel the same!!!”

Berk stated, “This is such a great post! John, you are truly gifted in skincare!”

Kaye stated, “All I can say is WOW! You’re amazing!!”

Eileen, Janine, Sarah, Peach, France, Berk, Kaye, and Kaye… what can I say to all of that; to all of you? Thank you, everyone.  Really.

K – Kolor (Color)

In My Top Liquid Face Makeup Products from Sephora, which has a total of EIGHTEEN comments, AwwRITE stated, “This is an amazing post! I’m so happy to see so many foundations reviewed on one page.”

 Thank you, AwwRITE.

S – Sunscreen

In Are Inorganic Sunscreens Better Than Organic Ones Part II, which has a total of ELEVEN comments, SFS stated, “Thank you John, beautiful explanations! I can’t wait for next week’s post!”

 Your enthusiasm fans the flames of mine. Thank you, SFS.

In Are Inorganic Sunscreens Better Than Organic Ones Part III, which has a total of FOURTEEN comments, Matheus stated, “Well done, just perfect. Dermatologists in Brazil should read this.”

I really hope to become a dermatologist one day. Thank you, Matheus.

In Are Inorganic Sunscreens Better Than Organic Ones Part V, which hasa total of FOURTY-SIX comments, Sarah stated, “What an excellent series! I thoroughly enjoyed reading every single part. Thanks for writing such an information and educational piece.”

Linda stated, “I appreciate all of your research and your generosity in sharing your hard work! You’re the best, John! What a treasure to find all of my research (months) in one place and one person to tie all my loose ends and questions together! I actually just felt relief from the confusion!! Best of luck in your skin care pursuits!!!!”

Chloe stated, “I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog posts.”

Thank you, Sarah, Linda, and Chloe. Your candor and gratitude are without bounds.

In How does Octinoxate Degrade Avobenzone, which has a total of TWELVE comments, Lucas stated, “Great post! This is valuable knowledge that isn’t shared very often, and that’s why I like your posts so much, it’s relevant information that you don’t find everywhere.”

I really try to find interesting concepts while reinforcing established ones. So thank you, Lucas.

In This or That: A Brief Look at Lightweight Sunscreens, which has a total of TWENTY-THREE comments, Erika stated, “Thank you!!!! When you become a dermatologist, can you move to San Francisco so I can be one of your patients?!”

Sarah stated, “Excellent investigative work, John! Thanks so much for another great post! I think another reason why your writing generates such positive feedback is because you are always so responsive to us readers, and your answers are always thorough and helpful. I cannot wait for your next post.”

Thank you, Erika and Sarah. I hope to never disappoint any of you guys.

Alas, we’ve reached the end of the word THANKS.

You guys have made my inner child very happy! And no, I’m not pregnant…

It also just so happens that Tretinoin, Hydroxy Acids, Ascorbic Acid (L-enantiomer), Niacinamide, Kolor (Color), and Sunscreens represent the five classes of ingredients that I believe, make up the ideal skin care routine: Retinoids, hydroxy acids, antioxidants, niacinamide, and sunscreens. There will be an Ideal Routine Page on my blog that consists of roughly 28 separate posts branching away from the central portal. Currently, the page is empty. However, in the coming months, I plan to release the relevant information section-by-section. So stay tuned! And a tangible way for you guys to thank me is to follow my blog and help it expand.

Oh, and a tangible way for ME to thank you guys is to have a GIVEAWAY! It will run for approximately a month, and will be based on the Sephora Favorites Lash Stash. However, my version will include different mascaras for you guys to try, including two full-sized ones, along with the infamous Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler! If you’ve ever wanted to try that, now is the time! Please see the linked post on my blog for additional information.

This year has been a distinguished one, and once again, I thank each and every one of you for contributing to my joy.

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30 thoughts on “Happy THANKSgiving!

  1. Ana Tomás says:

    I’m thankful for a lot of things, among them the chance to finish my master’s degree and all the information I gathered from skincare blogs that made it possible for me to refine my daily routine, which I think achieved it’s optimum stage this year :)

  2. Belle says:

    I’m thankful for all the people who have been with me in life, since I’d be in shreds without them! And I’m also very thankful too to be able to find such this wonderfully informative blog! From here, I was able to see the first in-depth ingredients review. Hope that you will continue to have a good year! (:

  3. France says:

    John, you are too sweet! I can’t wait to see your Routine Page. I hope you will include a routine to fight acne and wrinkles at the same time! Lately I have found that the only thing that works is Benzoyl Peroxide, but I know it is an oxidant and that it interferes with anti-aging ingredients like vitamin C and retinol, so I am not sure what my routine should be anymore. I’m sure your Routine Page will bring invaluable help to all of us who know we can rely on your advice! I have one question: In his recent article, Dr. Luigi Polla included ceramides as one of his top anti-aging ingredients. Do you personally think ceramides are a must, John?

  4. Courtney says:

    I’m thankful for my family and their health, my friends and their support, and my newest obsessions… futurederm and your blog. Happy Holidays!!!

  5. safia says:

    I am your silent supporter. thought i never left any comment, i always read and appreciate you articles, the time you took to write them, the detail everything shows how passionate you are about skincare. Thanks much !!!! you are truly the best.

  6. John Su says:


    No. You are too sweet! :) For my routine page (which will have about 30 separate parts), I plan to have a general template, and then a template for acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and very sensitive skin types. I don’t have one on for wrinkles because the best and necessary ingredients to fight wrinkles are something that I’m always focused on! So every single template will have ingredients to fight wrinkles; that’s always a end-goal, it’s just an understood rule haha!

    As for ceramides, please read the comment by janine and my response to her here: http://thetriplehelixian.com/2012/02/12/come-out-with-your-skin-care-jessica-meyers-v-0-01/


  7. John Su says:


    Wow. I’m super flattered that you decided to comment. But regardless, remember that your voice and opinion (whether silent or not) is always equally important to me as anyone else’s!

    I thoroughly appreciate your support.

  8. France says:

    Thank you very much John! I read the entire post you linked to, including the comments on ceramides at the end, and found it very helpful. You know, I think one of the reasons that you get so many comments is that your readers know they can count on you to take the time to read their comments and respond. I very much appreciate this!

  9. janine says:

    ……..and in keeping with my “unrelated to the post” comments I need to ask you what your thoughts are on facial cleansing wipes/cloths for acnaeic (sp?) skin. My teenage son needs an easy and convenient way to cleanse in the mornings and occassionaly evening. I have pounded into his brain the importance of a consistent and thorough daily cleansing routine but he is a teenager so whatchagonnado………..
    And I was so pleased to see that you appreciate our comments and gratitude as much as we appreciate your unfailing attention to our questions and comments. You are welcome!!

  10. John Su says:


    Lol!! That’s okay. Sure any cleanser, so long as it isn’t too stripping, is fine for acne-prone skin. Do you have a specific product in mind? Also, to really start treating his acne, just ask him to slap on something quick like the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid before he goes to bed. It’s super fast and should help clear up his skin.

    Yeah, I was a teenager not that long ago haha! I know what it’s like to just be…blahwhateverpassgoaway. 😉

  11. janine says:

    this is a great suggestion……..Exactly what I was shooting for: something he can just “slap on before he goes to bed”. I have heard you rave about certain PC products for acne so i am excited to have the opportunity to test them out.
    Thank you.

  12. John Su says:


    Yeah, there are a few PC products that I absolutely love. It is my opinion that this brand has the most diverse and effective range of chemical exfoliant products on the market. But I don’t think her brand is perfect by any means.

    But anyways, I hope that you’ll try and “coerce” your son into using something like this lol! And depending on how severe his acne is, clearing it up can really boost his quality of life. Check out this study that analyzed how acne affects teenagers: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3171294/

    Bottom line, I won’t tell my readers (and those close to them) how to live their lives; I just want them to be healthy. But that doesn’t mean I won’t encourage them to lead potentially better lives. :)

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