Hot Holiday Hair Idea: Get an Updo Like Diane Kruger's!

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I don’t know about you, but I tend to get a little restless with my look at this time of the year, particularly when it comes to my hair.   Recently, Diane Kruger lit up the red carpet with this modern day twist on a classic Hollywood style, and I love it.  (I may even try it out on my next outing with my boyfriend!) Her hairstylist, Richard Marin, gave us the scoop on four simple steps to re-create this holiday hair DO at home.

•          Dry hair with head titled forward using an ionic dryer for maximum shine and volume (try the Remington Professional Dryer, available at Wal-Mart, $50.00).

•          Part hair to side.  Using a one inch barrel curling iron (I personally love the T3 One-Inch Barrel Iron), section hair in pieces that are 1½ inches by 3 inches wide. Curl in one direction for a uniform wave pattern, and let curls cool to set. 

•          Brush hair out in a downward motion. Keep brush close to scalp, and finger waves will form.  Brush waves to one side, and secure in side ponytail.

•          Roll hair into smooth bun with the ends poking out, and pin into place.  Finish with a touch of hairspray and bit of shine spray.  (Best hair spray ever: L’Oreal Elnett Extra Hold Hairspray, $13.49,  To glam it up like Diane, add a sparkly hair accessory.

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I’m thinking about expanding to include information about hair products, styles, and accessories.  Let me know your thoughts in Comments!

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  • Lisa

    Any recommendations for a shampoo for very oily hair? My 17 year old daughter is having such a hard time (probably hormones) with oily hair. She shampoos her hair before going to bed and by mid afternoon her hair near her scalp if visibly oily.

  • Dear Kathleen,

    Thank you for the idea! I was actually thinking of starting something along that line next week…I’ll keep you posted!


  • Kathleen

    Please review hair products. With highly touted products (e.g., Kronos Phyx) with exorbitant price tags, your medical knowledge can help readers decide if an expenditure is justified.

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