How Do You Like Our New Look? Tell Us and Enter to Win FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5!

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This giveaway is now closed!  Thanks to all who entered!

We just debuted our new look!  What do you think?  Honest opinions, please!

Just for telling us, we’ll enter you to win a full-size FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5.  And if you’ve already bought one, we’ll not only throw in a bottle, but we’ll also give you a $50 Sephora gift card.  Winner drawn on September 12, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST.  Because we want to double-thank you!  :-)

So, what do you think?  :-)

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69 thoughts on “How Do You Like Our New Look? Tell Us and Enter to Win FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5!

  1. Vicki Neulinger says:

    I find it easy to get around and search for what I’m looking for. I like the Popular Posts on the right hand side. I also like the pop ups after reading an article the recommend similar ones.

  2. Lynn says:

    I love the bottle design. it’s no fuss and simple, with enough description that I don’t have to go online to find more information.
    Maybe a more defined/distinct logo or color choice, so one day it would be well recognized.

  3. Vicki Oleksinski says:

    I am not finding it busy once I x-out the little pop up on the right but I like that option to use it at any time. Like the tabs up top and the information to the right including the popular posts on top and Recent posts at the bottom. What I know to expect by now is that you will continue to work on tweaks to your site :) moving onwards and upwards!!

  4. Melanie says:

    I like the new design! It’s cleaner and easier to navigate. I’m also really loving all the extra product reviews the past few months!

  5. Chris Thuerk says:

    I like the new look quite a bit. I like the bright background and the 3 column layout. The pictures are colorful and the site has a very modern look. Congratulations!

  6. Jessica says:

    I find the newly designed website much more aesthetically pleasing, as well as easier to navigate because of the category tabs on the top page. The only things I would change are the header size and including the authors’ names on the article previews.

  7. jenny l. says:

    I think the website has improved, but I think you should put Future Derm on TOP of the site rather than below the changing banner of ads. Also, it would help if you could automate the ads so that they change every few seconds rather than manually. I just noticed the arrows to change but people don’t change to swipe to see different ads.

  8. Hannah says:

    I love the cover photo a lot. It introduces the website and the product with a pang.
    What happened to the calendar? I normally use it to find older blog posts to read.

  9. Toni says:

    First the good: I like how it has a magazine feel to it with the 3 columns.
    Now the not so good: it doesn’t display properly on iPad. It’s displaying as a very narrow page in the left 1/3rd of the screen. I can blow it up to full size but when I click to go to the next page, it reverts back to a skinny little page on the left.

  10. Kevin says:

    Kudos on he new look. The toolbar on top is tops! What’s even more impressive is the search button.

    Now, here is where it gets even more interesting: The site works even better on mobile devices.’s scrolling is faster with touchscreens, which is where I also saw another discovery: the 5-day calendar…at the bottom! If there is a way to move that to the top of the screen, right below the tool bar, perfection will just get a little bit closer to nirvana.

  11. Diana says:

    I get confused by the ad section before the futurederm logo. I think it would have been prettier just under the futurederm logo, but that is just my opinion. Also, it loads slower on my computer and ipad. The slider doesnt work sometimes, it is just a grey square in the middle. Overall, i definitely like it more than the other version. Now it’s clean, elegant, easy to browse. I would also like an archive or something, i find it difficult to read older articles now.

  12. Ann says:

    It looks pretty good. You’ve got to get rid of that pink ribbon though – what is the reason for having it? Is it a breast cancer ribbon? Something else? In addition, it’s so huge and bold compared to your font, which is really quite a light font. Let the name speak for itself – putting a pink thing or ribbon over it is just confusing. If you want some type of graphic – make it more subtle, and def don’t have it overwhelm the name of the blog as it does now.

    I’m not a fan of the font at’s too frequently seen.

  13. Victoria says:

    I definitely like it a lot more than the previous version. It looks a lot cleaner and brighter – also modern and pretty. The font, line spacing… all the new visual tweaks are a very nice welcome :) I particularly like the bottom footer, it’s well designed and very clear. I also like the addition of the author bios. Oooh, and the navigation has improved, which is always nice!

    I like the 3 columns, but I think it could use some tweaking. At the moment, it looks all cluttered and blurs together, and I don’t know where to put my eye. You need some sort of differentiation. Perhaps you chould change the font size of the two sidebars so that it’s smaller. Also, consider adding a background, boxes or vertical line to the sidebars and/or to the content column (to separate them visually). And, I think you might need to add a new heading under the “The Best Retinol You’ve Ever Tried – Guaranteed!” picture in the right sidebar, because it looks like the Aqualant, SkinMedix, etc. advertising is part of the retinol heading.

    I think you need some sort of archive, sorted by date, rather than categories, because some people prefer searching that way.

    And, I suggest – that pink that is used in your logo and social media icons, need to be incorporated more into your content – through links, headings, italics, bold, author, date, whatever. Because the header seems a little disjointed from your main content.

    Also, I do think your promo pictures of your retinol product (above your FutureDerm heading and logo) are distracting. It makes your website look disjointed. I think the best place to put that would be at the top of the middle column, under the header (basically where your rotating recent articles are, also, because you’ve already mentioned them in the sidebar and below in the footer, so a third time seems superfluous).

    The thing that pops up on the bottom right hand side is a little annoying to me. I liked before how you had the related articles after the article.

    Almost finished – I think your site is a little too image heavy. Perhaps you could balance that by showing a greater amount of the “preview text” in the middle column (but if you do that, you’d have to make it go underneath the title, rather than beside it, because otherwise, it’d look unbalanced). Or you could do it by reducing the size or amount of image shown in either the sidebars or content column.

    Finally, might I suggest a logo refresh? I know it’s hard especially because you’re recognised by that, but I do think you could tweak it a little, but still maintain the logo, and make it pop more. I think overall, the logo needs to be sharpened (both the font and ribbon) and perhaps change the “beauty from a scientific perspective” to a different, more conventional font.

    Last note – there are a few coding glitches here and there, but that’s understandable since it’s a new layout and all. Hopefully they’ll be fixed soon!

    Wow, that was long. Hopefully I didn’t offend you too much ^^;;; Or maybe you don’t agree with my ideas? Ha. Anyway, I hope it didn’t come across as mean or anything – it’s all meant constructive criticism~~~

    Anyway, I wish you tons of success and hope you’ll go far :) And I love your product, btw 😀 *happy dance*

    Overall, I think it’s definitely an update for the better, though I do think that there are a few things that could be improved upon! For all that I said, I do actually love the new site.

    P.S. Do you need anyone to help you with coding and graphic design? Because I could help XD Ha. *wink* *wink*

  14. Gale Norby says:

    So far so good. I especially like the bottom area. I see the dilemma though, there is just so much information & trying to make it all stand out from each other can make it appear too cluttered. I’m no web designer so i have no helpful hints but i know one thing, many times i want to go looking for something i read previously & can’t remember which day it was (or even which week.) Because you have so much great info., that makes it hard but the search feature should help.

    BTW, I was using Skinceuticals Retinol & have switched to yours. I really really like your formulation.

  15. Andrea says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts [via google reader] so the revamped site is a pleasure–easy to navigate, lots of great information, love the reviews and appreciate the suggested reading [e.g. “Readers who enjoyed this article also enjoyed…]. Some of the best content available. If there’s one thing I’d tweak it’d be the layout, it’s a bit cluttered and scattered–my eye jumps all over the page.

  16. Sarah says:

    Hi Nicki,

    I think the overall look and feel of the site is great, but the Neova ad next to your logo as well as the slider on top of it gives it a very promotional, ads-y look. I’m sure your dedicated subscribers don’t mind at all but for someone new to FutureDerm, they might be distracted by that instead of focusing on the incredible content.

    Hope that helps.

    – Sarah

  17. Susan Olson says:

    I really like it. Great job. I’ve been searching through the different areas, products and such and found it easier to find things. It’s been cleaned up and looks classier.

  18. shelly says:

    I love your site but honestly with the new format the main/middle part seems a bit narrow and squished. I think that section should be made more prominent.

  19. Susan P. says:

    I like the new design, fresh, easy to navigate and crisp looking. I would change the font in your logo but other than that – looks good.

  20. NeenaJ says:

    The look is cleaner. But, I agree with others that the website should be at the top of the page – not an ad. Also, the pictures are too large to be able to easily find what you’re looking for – meaning I have to scroll way down the page to see the 2nd or 3rd article posted.

  21. Petunia says:

    i really like the re-design. it is so futurederm 3.0

    i hate ads mid content. if this can be avoided- i for one will be thankful.

  22. Mary W says:

    I agree with a lot of the comments about font and clutter. The point about the ad at the top with the arrow is a good one. I did not even notice that was an option until it was posted as a comment. And the pop up ad on the right drives me nuts. At least I can click the blue arrow to turn it off which is nice.

  23. Lexa says:

    I really love your site. It looks great. Very easy to read, and quite professional looking. Better than some of the other skin care sites that I go to.
    However, I find the little blue arrow sort of distracting, I dislike little things like that on blogs that I’m trying to read and concentrate on.
    Thanks for the great contest!

  24. dekadaye says:

    -having 3 columns on the homepage is too busy
    -the ad at the top is too big. it implies that the focus of this site is only to make money, not to inform. both can be done without the advertising being so overwhelming

  25. Susan Yung says:

    The 3 column format makes the page look busy. The “meat” of the website is squeezed into the middle which is quite narrow. Seems like ads and promos take up more of the page.

  26. dr_rashmi says:

    The reason of my liking this look is easier navigation while using smartphones .. . . the pop up ad that appeared earlier at the top was difficult to handle in a 5 inch phone !!! The blue arrow concept is very thoughtful

    Just one suggestion . . . if instead of popular posts you could put up popular searches . .. keywords . . .will be covering more topics on the homepage . . .and would be easier for readers like me who dont come here for specific purpose but just for knowledge . . .

    Regards and love :)

  27. Elfling says:

    3 columns is not a great look imo, but a lot of people use it. I think if you changed the site coloring a little bit it might make it easier to distinguish actual posts from ads or “you might like” references. Right now it’s just a whole bunch of words on white and it’s really hard to see the text for the middle column posts with the grey color.
    The ad at the top really needs to go or be changed, it’s the only thing you see for the site when it first loads.

  28. Lorena says:

    I like it, but the text in the front could be in the back, so it gives more space to the product. I think the design can improve and look more polish, A sentence or two is enough for the front.
    But after all, what matters is what it’s inside.

  29. Maria Oller says:

    I really like how it looks but you could make the middle window a bit more wider looks a tiny bit cluttered. Otherwise I think has a polish neat look

  30. belgianred says:

    I’d prefer not having to scroll down to get to the meat of the page; the banner is so large that it just makes me want to get past it instead of reading it. The page is so busy that I’m a little confused about what I should be looking at; maybe having some black lines separating sidebar from text would help.

  31. Dee says:

    It seems a bit odd to have multiple ads for the same product (FutureDerm retinol) at the top of the page. And I prefer it when the name of the website itself is what appears at the very top.

    Also, I think you have established a great deal of credibility on this site for providing unbiased information, but when I see the large Neova ad at the top right next to your site banner, well, it introduces a little doubt as to whether you are beholden to your sponsors and will give their products preferential reviews. I can appreciate how tricky this is, since of course you would like to have some ad revenue and of course skin care product manufacturers are the most likely advertisers here!

  32. Atta says:

    I really love ur website and moreover i love you for putting up so much efforts to benefit us. hats off to u and more power. lots of love

  33. Elyse says:

    Overall, I think the new site looks great! I think you’ve come an incredibly long way. However, I do think you need to sit down with your designer and clean it up just a little.

  34. Patti D says:

    I don’t like all the other ads on the side…it takes away from this page. And just for future rerference, I stay away from blogs that have a ton of things moving at once (such as video or moving ads) Oh…and how about some color?
    When I come here, I always feel it’s so…”medicinal”
    This is FutureDerm! We want to feel sexy, feminine and like we have found the best secret on Earth!

  35. Jade says:

    It’s a little confusing. I prefer the previous design, because it was much easier to see all the articles. However, I do think the new design looks a little more professional. Either way, I really like the content.

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