How She Got the Look: Charlize Theron's Hair at the 2013 Oscars



Charlize Theron always has a sort of easy elegance. There’s something fantastically graceful about her sense of style, and Oscars night was a stunning example. Theron sported a pixie cut (a result of a recent film role) for the Oscars that was textured yet tamed. Her hair was edgy but perfectly complemented the elegance of her sophisticated, white Dior Couture dress creating an overall chic look.

And we love  good hairstyles for ladies rocking short cuts.

Theron’s look was created by celebrity hair stylist Enzo Angileri. Using Wella Professionals, Angileri used the perfect combination of product to create a piecey, textured look for a simple but bold hairstyle. As Angileri said, “ I wanted Charlize’s hair to look like she got out of jeans and a t-shirt and put on a gown because the style is so simple and chic.”

Wash and Condition for Starters — Follow with Mousse

wella_volumeThis look starts out with freshly cleaned and conditioned hair. In order to get all the hair in its place, Angileri used Wella Professionals Natural Volume Styling Mousse ($13.75, Angileri began by applying the mousse to damp hair starting at the roots and working it through hair evenly to ends.

Diffuse and Style

wella_shape_shiftAfter applying the mousse, Angileri blow-dried the hair with a diffuser. Diffusers help to create volume at the roots and help to tame the frizziness that can result from using the blow dryer. A diffuser helps to spread a more even, less concentrated flow of air instead of a directed stream of air when using a blow dryer without a diffuser. The diffuser typically has prongs that stick out, which can help increase volume, or for those with curly hair, help to further define curls.

After the hair is fully dried, brush the hair down the sides of your head while keeping the volume at the top of the head, or roots of your hair – following the part and shape of the head. Angileri then used Wella Professionals Shape Shift Molding Gum ($10.80,  This is used to create texture in the front of the hair and on the sides by sculpting the hair. This product allows you to create the style you like — whether it is smooth or messy.


Wella_shineTo finish off the look, Angileri used Wella Professionals Shimmer Delight Shine Spray ($11.49, for a glossy look. This helps to enhance the natural luster of your hair with the illuminating glimmer of the spray. Adding another layer to the overall look, Theron’s hair was textured yet polished.

Bottom Line

Charlize Theron’s hairstyle can complete any look – it’s versatility makes it the perfect companion for a casual or glamorous get up. With practice, this style is quick and easy to get the piecey yet elegant look. You can play up elegance or the tousled look depending on what mood you are in — a style truly tailored to you.

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