How to Wear Blush in the Summer Tutorial: Part I


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I wanted to show you some lovely natural blushes for summer. Today I’ve got two pink blushes for you, both from Smashbox. These blushes are from the Blush Rush line.

L to R: Flush, Radiance

This is Flush, a shimmery cool pink.

And this is Radiance, a bright clear fuchsia with no shimmer. Yes, it looks scary in the pan, but don’t be afraid!

On the skin, they look very similar, though you can see that Radiance is a tad deeper and lacks shimmer, while Flush is lighter and has subtle shimmer to provide a nice glow.

Here’s Flush on my cheek. I applied it with a Real Techniques contour brush. It gives me a nice, natural looking flush.

Here’s Radiance on my cheek. I applied it with a Real Techniques contour brush. It actually give me a much softer and more natural look, presumably because of the lack of shimmer.

$24.00 for .13 oz

I feel like Radiance and Flush are extremely beautiful and natural looking blushes, making them easy for anyone to wear. Radiance is definitely the more natural of the two, which you wouldn’t expect from how bright it looks in the pan!

I applied them with a light hand and felt like they had good pigmentation, but I’m sure if you wanted more color you could build it up. They definitely feel like luxe blushes.

Smashbox Blush Rush are available in 6 additional shades:
Chiffon – shimmery warm golden pink
Paradise – warm golden apricot
Heatbreaker – warm shimmery plum (a best seller)
Bare – cool dusty rose
Gingersnap – warm rosy bronze
Passion – rosy plum

I’ll have more summer blushes for you soon! What do you think of these pinks? Do you like these natural looking blushes? Which would you wear?

Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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  • I’ll have to give these a try. I am always cautious of colors that are so bright, but its amazing how natural Radiance turned out. Thanks for the review Phyrra!

  • Calli

    The colors look so nice!

  • Bright pink blushes are so underrated; they’re actually far easier for most skin-tones to wear. Pink is closer to a “natural flush” than peach or bronze tones, which can easily turn muddy. A shade like Radiance looks great on fair skin like yours, but I think it would work equally well on med-deep skin, it doesn’t look like it would get ashy like a lighter pink tone. For olive skin, I love pinks that lean a bit more “berry” 🙂

  • I have radiance and it’s amazing!

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