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Tina Bornstein Tony & Tina

Nicki: Tony & Tina lipstick was my first lipstick —I still remember the awesome silver packaging and the minty flavor! What made you create this line?

Tina: Tony and I were artists living on the Lower East Side and had been studying the therapeutic benefits of color and the power of positive thought and The Law of Attraction. Tony and I did the Pink Bubble visualization and we learned from Shakti Gawain to travel the world and to reach as many people as possible to share the benefits of vibrational remedies. Three weeks later Tony & Tina was created when we got a phone call from a friend asking us to join him in creating a cosmetic company. We were in complete astonishment and had confirmation of how powerful the law of attraction is. (Read more about that here.) So of course we had to add Vibrational Remedies to our name. We clearly knew then that our company mission was to share and offer products that helped people understand and take advantage of the power of colortherapy, aromatherapy, and positive thought. It has never been just a business to us; we thought of it as a forum to mainstream holistic ideas through products, like the aromatherapy lipstick you loved. The actual name of it was Mood Balancing Lipstick because we incorporated active levels of calming and anti-depressant essential oils, like lavender and bergamot, plus herbs like St. Johns Wort, that would shift your mood/emotions into a state of self-love, happiness, and relaxation. As for the silver packaging, we liked the idea of mixing a holistic product with a futuristic aesthetic. The broader idea behind that was to take away the “new age” stereotype surrounding vibrational remedies and replace it with the science and studies supporting it. At the end of the day, we wanted to offer our customers a high quality product with real therapeutic benefits, and if anyone chose to dig deeper into the vibrational remedy, information was readily available.

Nicki: What is your inspiration?

Tina: The inspiration behind what I call Tony & Tina 2.0 was, and is, to share my own healing journey through products and self-care education. To be a part of the clean beauty revolution and to help people create a Self-Care Toolbag that will help everyone lead happier, healthier, and empowered lives. It may be idealistic but I believe we can raise the planet’s vibration one person at a time.

Nicki: What is your background — what did you do before Tony & Tina?

Tina: I was drawn to beauty and the healing arts since childhood. As a teenager, my favorite book was the Vogue Book of Beauty that had DIY beauty recipes in it. I loved making homemade face masks. I also attended workshops on clearing auric fields and using energy as a healing tool, so I suppose what I do now is in my DNA, and it speaks to my weirdness, which I proudly embrace. Right before we launched Tony & Tina 1.0, I was living on the Lower East Side bartending, exploring the healing arts, and creating art in all its various forms, which included reading my poetry at the Nuyorican Poets Café, which is one of the experiences I credit with helping me understand what it is to be fearless. To me, being fearless doesn’t mean you are not afraid; it means you walk forward anyway. I should definitely share that I had actually begun creating homemade make-up at home. While bartending in the East Village, everyone was creating their own looks from scratch, from clothing to make-up. I was super into glitter and the color purple, associated with the third eye chakra/intuition, so I got some raw materials and a mortar and pestle, and made this super cool purple/blue glitter cream for the lips and eyes. It was really fun! This was a very exciting time for me as I began discovering how my passions could manifest into a business that would allow me to explore and expand upon what I loved. I was always, and continue to be, very grateful. Even today I am still playing with handmade make-up and skincare at home. I have tinted lip balm, energy salt scrubs, and detoxifying face masks, which have soiled every towel I own — hazards of the trade, lol. I enjoy using them and slowly and perfecting them. My boyfriend and I have even created a “Tina’s Fizzy Tea” — an herbal blend I’ve been making for years, but when he came into the picture he added the fizz and that was a game changer. Joyfully creating and playfully creating is one of my favorite things in life. I love this business!

Nicki: What are your best products?

Tina: How do choose a favorite? It’s all based on what your body needs that moment/day. The aura sprays and energy support are must haves to me as we need that kind of support everyday. That said, I have not heard the word “obsessed” used more than in relation to my Coconut Bliss. Men who love the Rewilding Aftershave practically beg for more when they run out. Overworked people swear by the Energy Support, and stressed out people have expressed over and over how the Healthy Aura Body Spray in lavender/bergamot “saves them” on a daily basis. Women looking for youthful, healthy, and glowing skin save their pennies to buy the all over body oils, such as the Beautiful Body Blend. Personally, the Hormone Support has been saving me recently. I created it for my own PMS relief and sweet relief it is. Thanks to client requests, I made sure it also relived perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms. Recently, I have been experiencing heat waves, better known as “hot flashes,” but a wave is more accurate to how it feels to me. In the last month, it escalated to feeling these heat waves a couple of times an hour. It didn’t feel terrible, just inconvenient, having to shower and change clothing multiple times a day. A few days ago, I realized I hadn’t been using my own remedies. Silly me! I began applying the hormone support a couple of times a day and immediately felt my body temperature and hormones balancing. Now I have happily discovered it has a cumulative effect as the symptoms lesson every day. It has decreased my heat waves to only a couple of times a day, if that, and when it does happen it is significantly less intense.

Nicki: Ingredients?

Tina: Every ingredient has a purpose, so no fillers! Every ingredient, and the end product, is infused with energy medicine, reiki, crystal energy (most with 2 small clear quartz crystals in them), sound therapy, and positive intentions to create high vibration botanicals that offer both natural beauty and energetic benefits to the wearer. I always have deep gratitude to Mother Earth for providing us with these natural remedies. I consider the energy healing a key ingredient!

Nicki: What is your best technology? Do you have any proprietary technology?

Tina: The best technology in every product is the innate healing energy that is activated by them that we all have within us, and what extra energy I infused into them.

Nicki: What sets your line apart?

Tina: The true intent to help people have healthier and happier lives and the healing energy and trust in time-tested natural ingredients. And of course, through various self-care tools, encouraging everyone to feel beautiful, which we all are! Also the proof is in the results you see and feel almost immediately.

Nicki: Where is your line sold?

Tina: Credo Beauty, Warm NY, Aleta St. James Healing Studio, and my website.

Nicki: What is your target customer like? What is your target demographic?

Tina: Our target customer is anyone, at any age, with any skin type, because we all have similar energetic and health needs. The all over beauty body oil blends may have slightly different intents and purposes, but all promote cell regeneration and are extremely nourishing, so they all promote healthy, glowing skin. I like to think Tony & Tina’s demographic is timeless and ageless.

Nicki: Do you have any success stories you care to share? Testimonials, before and after photos, clinical trials, etc.?

Tina: I am not great at hawking my clients for testimonials — something to improve upon. That said, you can see what I do have here. That said, as far as the Beautiful Body Blend goes, I have verbally had women and men who love it thank me for such a physically transformative formula. I, myself, have seen the benefits over time. When I see promises of six weeks or less, I kind of write it off because it know real change take longer. I used to have obvious stretch marks, but now they can barely be seen, so I have seen the real results in myself. I also have had a few celebrity endorsements about this blend, but unfortunately the three women I refer to are in contract with other beauty companies and cannot publicly endorse it, but it makes me happy to know that the old school word of mouth grapevine keeps this blend as a best seller for me.

Nicki: Anything else you’d like to add?

Tina: I think I’ve been wordy enough! That said, I think your blog and what you have created is amazing and I am very, very grateful to be a part of it. Thank you so much!!!!

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