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Do beauty apps dole out good advice? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With smartphones in many people’s hands, surfing the internet has been taken from a keyboard at your fingertips to a device in your palm. That means that beauty product lovers are looking for apps to find everything from products to tips.

Mobile apps in the beauty arena are currently fairly limited.  One early app?  Natural Beauty Tips (free with ads;, comprised of 160 tips intended to show you how to use ingredients found in the grocery store to make yourself beautiful.

Unfortunately, it has…um, stylized grammar, let’s say, through the entire app.  For instance, under “intended user,” it reads: “she wants to avoid getting into trap of expensive but ineffective beauty products, use certain natural beauty tips offered here in this app and have desirable skin.” These types of grammatical errors are used through the entire app — so if you’re particular about grammar, this isn’t the app for you.

But the real question is whether or not the beauty tips are good. Natural and organic beauty is all the rage right now — but just because something’s natural doesn’t mean it’s the best or even healthy for you.  [Read more:  What is the Difference Between Natural and Organic Beauty Products?]

What We Liked About the App

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If you’re going to drink milk to help your skin, we recommend hormone-free whole milk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“To prevent hair loss you should have a biotin rich drink. Blend bananas with honey, yogurt and low fat milk. Drink this for a few weeks.”

We’ve discussed before how biotin works to help improve hair and nail health.  [Read more:  Do Hair Growth Supplements Really Work?] And a biotin deficiency will cause hair loss. But there are more foods that include biotin than discussed here — including spinach, molasses, cauliflower, egg yolk, and fortified cereal.

As for the milk, we’d recommend hormone-free, full-fat milk, based on what the sugars in low-fat milk can do to your skin [Read more:  Why Whole Milk May Be Better for You].

Another tip we liked:  “Lack of sleep, iron deficiency, [and] dehydration [are] some of the reasons, which lead to the formation of dark circles. So drink plenty of water, intake dietary foods and sleep for at least 7-8 hours to prevent the dark circles under your eyes.”

These are all true — sometimes. We’ve all seen the under eye circles from sleeplessness, because sleep is a crucial time to rebuild the body.  Iron deficiencies can wreak havoc on your body in many ways — including weakening nails and yellowing complexion — and it can cause a blue tint under the eyes. And dehydration typically darkens eye circles. But there are other reasons for under eye circles, including thin skin and genetics.

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Lemon can have exfoliating effects that prevent age spots — as long as you wash it off. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A third great tip:  “To delay age spots on your hand, use a piece of lemon and rub it all over your hand, before washing. This will delay onset of age spots.”

This is true. Lemons can help exfoliate skin because they contain citric acid, which can help  sun-damaged skin. But it’s only true because they tell you to do it before washing your hands. Citrus is not occlusive, so they can rob your skin of moisture as they dry. They can also make you more sensitive to the sun — which will cause more sunspots — as well as irritation.  So wash thoroughly and apply sunscreen after using lemon on your hands!

The Tips that Made Us Cringe A Little

“To add extra shine and glow to your hair, add 2 tablespoons of malt vinegar. Use it as a last rinse and towel dry your hair.”

Vinegar isn’t downright bad for your hair, but it can be.  Some experts think it can extend the life of hair when mixed with 2-3 parts water — but please tread cautiously.  Its low pH can cause hair to become brittle, dry, and brassy over time.  [Read more:  3 Reasons Why Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar Destroy Your Hair and What to Use Instead]

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Almonds are great for eating but don’t do a lot for your face. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another awful tip:  “Quench[…] 4-5 almonds in water for whole night.  {The] next day, make it as paste with half [a] tablespoon [of[ honey. Apply this paste to your face as mask. After 20 minutes, [rinse] clean with cold water.  Your face skin will be glowing instantly.”

This won’t get you very far. Almonds are excellent – when eaten. They’re low in fat and they have a lot of calcium and iron. But calcium and iron have not been shown to have significant effects when topically applied to the skin.  Nor do almonds have the most proven ingredients in skin care.

“Lemon juice will remove any residue and refresh your face.”

This suggests putting lemon juice on your face — and leaving it there. As stated above, if you put straight citrus on your face and don’t wash it off, you’ll lose moisture from your skin. Worse still, it will citrus juice will make skin more sensitive to the sun, which can lead to age spots and wrinkles.  So make sure you only do this if you’re planning to thoroughly rinse and apply sunscreen afterwards.

Bottom Line

This app has some good advice — but it also has some pretty bad advice. Before trying natural remedies, it’s important to look at them just as carefully as your would any ingredient. Remember:  Too much of a good thing, or a good thing used the wrong way, can do a lot of damage. If you download this app, be sure to check out the facts from a reliable source first.

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