New Giveaway: Eucerin Skin First and FutureDerm!

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The bad news is, we already picked a winner for the Sephora $100 gift card giveaway! (Stay tuned – we’re starting another next week, when we’ll announce our winner!)

The good news is, in the meantime, we’ve teamed up with Eucerin to offer a new giveaway!

Comment on this post now through June 29, 2012, and we’ll enter for you to win!  It’s that simple!
Eucerin and FutureDerm


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51 thoughts on “New Giveaway: Eucerin Skin First and FutureDerm!

  1. Maria Carmela Renna says:

    I LOVE Eucerin products – and the body lotion with the SPF 15 is something I have been looking for! Thank you for this FAB giveaway!

  2. Louisa Rex says:

    Clear skin | Facial | Microdermabrasion
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    Riiviva™ has made it possible and affordable to indulge in the same weekly beauty and anti-aging treatments as celebrities. With Riiviva™ microderm™ you too can transform the appearance of your skin through professional quality microdermabrasion in the privacy of your own home.
    Riiviva™ Microderm™ is the quick and easy solution to beautiful glowing skin. Whether you are reversing the signs of aging, maintaining a youthful glow, or preventing future skin damage, Riiviva™ microderm™ will deliver results that are effective, affordable, and convenient.
    ears of research and clinical studies have shown the power of microdermabrasion to be an effective method for treating a variety of skin conditions.
    Riiviva™ microderm™ has been designed using the same principles as professional microdermabrasion systems and delivers the same professional results.
    Now, with Riiviva™ microderm™, you have the power to firm, brighten, and smooth your skin in the privacy of your own home.

  3. Emily says:

    Look! A giveaway! How generous. :) I am forever trying out new sunscreens, so this would definitely help me out. Also, skin cancer sucks and everyone should wear sunblock.

  4. Jenn says:

    Great giveaway! I live in Southern Arizona and I have been looking for a nice everyday sunscreen that doesn’t smell like sunscreen. Maybe Eucerin will do the trick,

  5. Helen says:

    Love Eucerin products with SPF. Always slather some on before going out, need it year round, especially in sunny southern California!

  6. Rachel Weinstein says:

    Simple purity. Eucerin is a proven winner! I’d love a chance to win, What i’m sure is another excellent product in the Eucerin line!

  7. madhavi says:

    Eucerin, claims a renewed formula, with much easy application for lasting effect, would definatly try on my extreme dry skin, i stopped suing it few years ago..for the texture consistency was very thick to get off clothes & washing machines. but love this comapny was a tough decision

  8. Melissa P says:

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! :) I’d love to try Eucerin products, but it’s hard to find them around here.

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