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The no!no! system is a system that uses a heat technology known as Thermicon to remove hair. It includes the following features:
  • Safe for immediate sun exposure
  • Works on all hair and skin colors
  • See immediate, real-time results
  • Safe for use on tattoos
  • Works with facial hair, too!

What is Thermicon technology?


Thermicon is a technology developed by Radiancy that may be summarized best in three almost-simultaneous steps:
  • First contact. In first contact, the thermodynamic wire in no!no! transmits a thermal signal that separates the hair shaft at point of contact. (Like clipping your hair with heat instead of a scissors.)
  • Crystallization. In crystallization, the thermal signal hits the uppermost part of the hair shaft, which makes the hair temporarily feel prickly at the touch.
  • Disruption. This is actually, in my opinion, the beauty of the no!no! system, as no!no! is believed to disrupt cell communication between the hair bulge and root, which may be essential to hair regrowth. Over time, repeated disruption of the cellular communication between the bulge and root is believed to lead to lower hair density and regrowth.

Excitingly, in a published 2007 study in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, the no!no! system was found to remove hair as effectively as more expensive laser and light removal treatments. In addition, while even pricey laser hair removal treatments don’t always get rid of light or fine hairs, the no!no! has been developed to target all shades and types of hair.

Which no! no! is Right for You?

1.) Most Comparable to Professional Hair Removal Treatment: no!no! ULTRA

Get instant and long-lasting hair removal results with no!no! ULTRA. no!no! ULTRA’s patented Thermicon Technology removes hair on the surface of the skin and treats hair so that over time you can get similar results to professional hair removal treatments. no!no! ULTRA fits in the palm of your hand and can be used virtually anywhere on the face and body. Not only that – no!no! ULTRA is a 4-in-1 beauty tool that can include applicators for serum infusion, facial cleansing and buffing for post-hair removal treatment.

All no!no! hair removal devices are safe to use on all skin tones and effective in treating all hair colors.

2.) Best Value: no!no! PRO

With three treatment levels and Pulsed Thermicon Technology, no!no! PRO is a hair removal device designed to give you immediate and long-lasting results with continued use. no!no! PRO keeps the skin cool, while simultaneously delivering a painless hair removal treatment. As with all no!no! products, PRO can be used virtually anywhere on the face and body and comes in three different colors.

3.) Best for Chin, Upper Lip, and Bikini Hair: no!no! MICRO

Don’t stress over peach fuzz or stray hairs that pop up with the travel-friendly no!no! MICRO. MICRO is perfect for treating and removing hair on areas like your chin, upper lip, or bikini. no!no! MICRO uses the same Thermicon technology as no!no! PRO and no!no! ULTRA. With continued use over time, you get both immediate and long-lasting results without having to pull out a razor. no!no! MICRO is ¾ the size of no!no! PRO and no!no! ULTRA and has one treatment level.

All no!no! hair removal devices are safe to use on all skin tones and effective in treating all hair colors.

What are the Differences Between the New no!no! Ultra and the Former no!no! 8800?

I used a no!no! about six years ago. I was happy with the way that it removed unwanted hair on my legs and arms, but I was unhappy with the fact that it took a lot of patience to use. Moving my hand the wrong way took the no!no! 8800 from blue “working” mode to red “not working” mode — and I got annoyed with it. There was definitely a steep learning curve.

Luckily, the new no!no! devices are not the 8800. The no!no! ULTRA has an LED screen, so you can see the treatment screen and the temp light. There is also dynamic speed control. So while before you needed to make sure you had a steady blue light to keep moving, this device adjusts to normal movements, so you can keep gliding along more easily.

Another major difference is that the new no!no! has pulsed Thermicon technology. The no!no! 8800 had regular Thermicon technology. With old Thermicon technology, the heat levels were not steady, and would actually be hotter, drop off, and then rise again. With the new pulsed Thermicon technology, it is over 35% more powerful because the heat levels continuously pulsate up and down. It produces more steady heat, but keeps the device cooler over the skin.

Personal Use and Opinions

After personal use of the system on my legs, I found that the amount of hair was significantly reduced after a months’ use. The entire process with no! no! needs to be repeated 2-3 times per week; however, I will admit, the process got easier and easier (and hence faster and faster) by my third or fourth use.

no!no! is not to be used on the breasts or genitals. However, you can use the product virtually anywhere else you are in need of hair removal, such as your legs and arms, and even on your face. While many systems don’t allow for facial hair removal, the no!no! works on the chin and upper lip. It even works for stray hairs on the bikini line!

Bottom Line

I like the new and improved no!no! very much. I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering laser hair removal or electrolysis as a safe at-home alternative.

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