One More Reason to Get Enough Sleep…

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If you’ve often heard you should apply night cream religiously before bed, here’s why.  Dr. David E. Bank states in the January 2008 issue of Health magazine that core internal temperature rises at night and the facial muscles and pores relax, allowing for skin care ingredients to penetrate the skin more deeply (and hence have greater effect).

For greatest effect, most dermatologists recommend using ingredients like retinoids or AHAs at night, which can make the skin photosensitive and hence more susceptible to sun damage when used during the day.  (Sensitive skin note:  You may only want to use these ingredients 2-3 times a week.)  You may also want to use peptides to firm the skin.  And don’t forget about antioxidants.  Unfortunately, at this time it is unclear by which pathways which antioxidants scavenge free radicals.  As such, some dermatologists recommend using different antioxidants during the day than at night (cover all your bases, that sort of thing).  I personally like to use antioxidants vitamin C and E in the morning under sunscreen, which boost sunscreen protection, and then switch to coffeeberry or idebenone at night.  🙂

Happy sleeping!

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  • Florentina

    Excellent blog, thanks! I just searched for something similar for the site.

  • Joyce

    Hi! I apply adapalene and an antioxidant night cream before going to bed. I’ve also noticed that my skin tends to look better before I sleep and after I wake up.

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