Our First Fragrance Review: Glowing by Jennifer Lopez

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About the author:  FutureDerm.com proudly welcomes Cheryl Johnson to our staff as our weekly Contributing Fragrance Expert.  For more, please visit our About page.

For the super feminine Mom who’s beauty glows from the inside out, this Floral Woody Amber scent embodies the aura of a modern woman. The bottle was inspired by the beauty and the lines of Baccarat crystal, when the atomizer is pressed, the bottle beautifully illuminates for 15 seconds.

It premiered in April 2012 at Kohl’s nationwide at $65.00 for 2.5oz/75ml  $65.00.  The body lotion is also available for $27.50.

The Notes

The fragrance breaks down as follows:

Top:    Bergamot, Mandarin, Cypress
Mid:    Orange Flower, Muguet des Bois, Cassia Flower
Base:  Sandalwood, Amber Sultan, Vanilla, Vetiver, Patchouli, Cashmere Musk

Below is a quote from Jennifer about this new fragrance:

“Glowing is such a clean fragrance. That’s what I’ve always been about. I like soapy, clean smells. This is a very woodsy scent. So it’s not exactly what I created 10 years ago — it’s the evolution of that. At the essence, it’s still natural, earthy, clean and real, but a little different side of that. It’s the woodsy side of it, which I think is kind of New York-y, darker and sexier”, Jennifer told Women’s Wear Daily.

Cheryl’s Expert Take:

The bottle itself is nice: it feels luxe, with the exception of the top, which feels a bit inexpensive in comparison to the rest of the bottle.  I am also not a fan of the gimmicky glow of the bottle when you spray it, though others may like this.

I'm not a fan of this iridescence.

The initial scent is very strong floral and powdery, but quickly dries down to a fresh clean scent. I am reminded of a walk in the springtime, with the scent of fresh cut grass and flowers beginning to bloom. It is very feminine, most definitely not a unisex fragrance at all. I think it has a youthful quality to it, though still somehow comes across as sophisticated to my nose.

After about two hours of wear, I could still easily smell the scent around me without directly sniffing the pulse points I sprayed it on, but the lingering scent was very muted and powdery and a bit soapy, but pleasant. After approximately 5 hours of wear I could barely detect the scent on myself without sniffing deeply where I had sprayed it.  So as far as staying power, it will take you to about the mid point of an average day without feeling like you need to respray.

Insider tip:  You can also make your fragrance last longer by applying a very small amount of Vaseline or unscented body lotion on your pulse points before spraying your perfume.

The scent is appropriate for day or night, and definitely for warm weather wear. I would not feel uncomfortable using this scent as an everyday signature scent both around town with the kids, or on a date with my husband and is perfectly acceptable in the office as well.

The most prevalent top note on this fragrance is Bergamot:

Effects: Refreshing and uplifting
Scent: Sweet, Spicy

The most prevalent mid note is Orange Flower:

Effects: Refreshing, Relaxing

Scent: Fresh, Citrus

The most prevalent base note is Sandalwood:

Effects: Warming, Relaxing
Scent: Woody, Sweet, Exotic

Within the base is a essential oil I was not very familiar with Vetiver:

Effects: Relaxing

Scent: Heavy, Woody, Earthy

I think this is what contributed to me saying that it reminded me of a Spring walk- the earthy woody quality of the Vetiver.

Do you note a pattern here? All of the most prevalent notes of this fragrance are refreshing, uplifting and relaxing- I definitely feel those qualities came through in the overall aroma of this wonderful scent.  Definitely worth a buy if you are looking for a fresh, modern, highly feminine fragrance!

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  • SFS

    Fabulous review! Please do a review of SoCal by Hollister next!

  • e.f.

    I love that you decided to expand your blog and include a perfume section, as I’ve been a follower for awhile now. I do find it interesting that your perfume reviewer isn’t familiar with vetiver. It’s a very prevalent scent and in a lot of popular and vintage fragrances….it might even be as widely used as grapefruit or jasmine.

  • e.f.

    I love that you’ve decided to expand your blog and

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