Pixi Glow’s Pirouette Pink Nail Colour Review

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Summertime is the best season to sample the lights and brights of the nail polish world, from electric teal to sunflower yellow. So Pixi Glow’s Pirouette Pink Nail Colour ($8) is a wonderful color for summer, just the right combination of youth, vivacity and cheekiness to be an awesome hot weather nail polish.

Pixi’s nail polish is known for not including what’s come to be called the “Toxic Trio”: Toulene, Formaldehyde, and DBP. However, these ingredients have only been shown to be toxic in very high concentrations — many ingredients, including orangic ones — are toxic in these amounts. But if you’re looking to avoid these anyway, you’re in luck, as this is a great nail polish.

What Does Benezophenone-1 Do Against UV Rays?

Benzophone-1 provides some sun protection.
Benzophone-1 provides some sun protection.

Your body has its own form of UV-protection — finger and toenails. Nails are good at protecting the nail bed and fingertips from the sun’s rays, and making our hands less sensitive when using them to pick up things, scratch ourselves, put on shoes, etc. (Skin Cancer Foundation). Due to their dark pigmentation, nail polishes can protect nails from some levels of UV damage, such as brittleness or limited nail growth, though UV-resistant lotions are still a better shield in most instances.

Pixi Glow’s nail polish contains benezophenone-1, which is a popular UV stabilizer in cosmetics and nail lacquers. Benezophenone-1 works by absorbing and dispersing UV rays, which protect the color in cosmetics (CosmeticIngredients.org). However, a UV stabilizer offers less protection that lotions or creams that are specifically designed to combat sunrays, and should not be used for sole protection. For enhanced sun protection, use a moisturizer with sunscreen daily, wear gloves for a physical blocker, and visiting a dermatologist if any questionable skin lesions appear (Skin Cancer Foundation).

Color: 5/5, Pigmentation: 3/5

The bright pink color is gorgeous, but it takes multiple coats to get good pigmentation.
The bright pink color is gorgeous, but it takes multiple coats to get good pigmentation.

“Pirouette Pink” is not quite neon pink, but something of an opaque pink lemonade color. It’s very, very vibrant, even after one coat — I think you could easily spot someone from thirty yards away if they were wearing this color. The lacquer is also very glossy, so it catches surrounding light and reflects it against the nail.

This color transcends generations and eras, but I don’t see it transitioning anywhere before May or after August — it’s simply too bright and showy to coordinate with cool autumn tones or heavy winter fabrics.  Also, I’m not sure that it works well for people who have to work in formal office environments — even as a toe nail polish. It’s simply too flashy for a workplace. It’s best suited for days lounging at the pool or spending the evening with friends.

Unfortunately, I had to apply three coats of “Pirouette Pink” before I was able to get a semi-opaque color — I probably would have needed a fourth to get a solid color.  And even after three coats of evenly applying the lacquer, “Pirouette Pink” remained streaky and uneven in places.

Durability: 5/5

Pixi Glow’s nail polished dried fairly quickly — within two minutes — and it was safe to apply a second coat with 10 minutes. While I was waiting for my nails to dry, I was able to do things like type on my keyboard and rummage through a desk drawer without having my nails get smudged. Whenever I trimmed my nails where the “Pirouette Pink”, the polish did not chip or crack. I wore this polish for six days before it began to chip, which means that it is a great for people who have to work with their hands, but plain fantastic for people who don’t have to use their hands too often.

Texture: 3.5/5, Finish: 4/5

Pixi Glow’s nail polish is a tad too thick and gooey for my taste. After putting one stroke of paint onto my nail, the lacquer began to run down the sides of my nails and leak onto my skin. Once I was able to quickly brush out the paint, it applied very easily and did not become tacky. However, you need to excessively brush the paint on to ensure that it’s not too watery. When dry, the polish is very silky and smooth to the touch. The polish didn’t clump after putting on several other coats, which is good news for people like me who like to have a very deep, rich color for their nails (and who try too hard to protect against chipping). The excess paint on my fingers washed off very easily and didn’t stain.

Bottom Line

I really enjoyed using Pixi Glow’s “Pirouette Pink” Nail Colour, especially to give my outfits a splash of summer fun and whimsy.  The nail polish was a little too syrupy for even application, and it will take several coats to get a nice opaque color without any streaks. Once it is dried (no more than five minutes), the polish is very smooth and silky and it was very good at catching the light wherever I went. Pixi Glow’s nail polish lasted about six days before it began to chip, which is good news if you use your hands all day for work. In short, Pixi Glow’s Pirouette Pink is a really fun summer color to give any outfit some whimsy and vivacity but the formulation could definitely be better.

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  • I have this exact polish too. I love the color but it’s streaky like most pastels. Many smooth coats and you’d never notice (:

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