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Theraplex ($16.50, consists of a “water-in-oil” emulsion that leaves the skin without greasiness or tackiness. It is recommended by Dr. Kenneth Beer, M.D., on the Theraplex website for helping to aid dry skin: “Theraplex can help to not only protect your skin from the elements but also to restore the moisture your skin craves. ”

What is special about Theraplex?

Developed in the early 1990’s by Swiss scientist Dr. H.R. Suess, Theraplex contains a special petrolatum fraction that is an “oil-in-water” emulsion. By using this formulation, over 82% of the oily residue left on the skin by mineral oil-based moisturizers is taken away, leaving the skin feeling smooth and hydrated, rather than oily or sticky.

Unfortunately, Theraplex does not contain antioxidants, retinoids, or sunscreen, and is therefore primarily a dry skin treatment. It is, however, hypoallergic, noncomedogenic, and fragrance-free.

There are four Theraplex moisturizers. Which is best?


According to the company brochure, Theraplex Emolient ($21.00, is designed for patients with severe dry skin including eczema, xerosis, and psoriasis. Theraplex Emolient is particularly effective on chapped lips, hands, elbows, and feet, as well as hardened cuticles. It contains a very high concentration of the oil-in-water petrolatum emulsion, so it goes on heavy, more like a balm than a lotion.


My personal favorite, Theraplex Hydrolotion ($16.50,, is designed as a daily moisturizer for the face and body. Again, it does not contain anti-aging ingredients or sunscreen, so it is primarily to be used as a dry skin treatment. According to a company-reported study by the University Dermatology Clinic in Wein, Germany, 80% of dermatologists and physicians said that Theraplex Hydrolotion was good to very good at protecting and relieving dry skin, and an additional 14-15% were satisfied with the ability of Theraplex Hydrolotion to protect and relieve dry skin. Theraplex Hydrolotion has a lower concentration of the oil-in-water petrolatum emulsion than Theraplex Emolient, so it goes on like a lotion and dries quickly. It is non-scented, so it makes a good body lotion for dry skin under perfume.


A close second favorite, Theraplex Clearlotion ($18.50,, is a liquid formula designed for use after the shower or bath. Unlike Theraplex Hydrolotion, it contains mineral oil and jojoba oil, which is included to lock in even more moisture right after the shower or bath. Its texture is that of an oil, but it dries quickly, leaving the skin hydrated and soft. It is also non-scented, and makes a good after-shower body lotion for dry skin under your favorite perfume.


The last lotion, Theraplex FT ($21.00, is designed for patients with very dry skin, and is recommended for scaly or callused feet. It contains a high concentration of the special petrolatum fraction, plus exfoliating salicyclic acid. It contains a very high concentration of the oil-in-water petrolatum emulsion, so it goes on more like a balm than a lotion.

Giveaway for Theraplex Samples!

Theraplex has offered to give samples of all four formulations to one lucky FutureDerm reader! To enter, leave your name and e-mail address in “Comments” below by Friday, March 7, 2008. On Friday, March 7, 2008 at 4:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, one lucky winner will be chosen at random to win! Good luck, and happy commenting! 🙂

Overall opinions…

Theraplex contains a unique form of petrolatum that is effective against most forms of dry skin. Dr. Kenneth Beer recommends that patients who use Theraplex daily for 1-2 weeks without dry skin improvement should see a dermatologist. After several weeks of use myself, I find the Theraplex Hydrolotion and Theraplex Clearlotion to be effective in treating dry skin without any oily residue or scent. I think the formulations designed for drier types of skin, Theraplex Emolient and Theraplex FT are very balm-like and somewhat sticky, but less so than pure petrolatum. At any rate, Theraplex is effective in treating dry skin, and I love Theraplex Hydrolotion and Theraplex Clearlotion! Good luck in the contest too! 🙂

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