Product Review: Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender Age Defying Hand Remedy

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Hi again readers!  I’m sorry that I haven’t written for over a month now.  Events (some positive, some not-so-much) transpired in my personal and professional life that forced me to sit back and re-evaluate some of the priorities in my life.  One of the clear decisions I reached was that I love to write and maintain this website.  Even though it may be challenging at times with my medical/graduate school schedule, I plan to now start – and continue – updating on a more regular basis.  Thank you for your patience with me during that time.

With that said, during my time “off” from blogging, I discovered a new beauty ritual with Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender Age Defying Hand Cream ($16.99,  The cream contains a lush array of ultra-effective ingredients.  Namely, the cream features:

Yet one of my favorite qualities of Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender Age Defying Hand Cream is its amazing lavender scent.  Although I have lamented the potential detriments of lavender essential oil before, I have decided to use it anyway since the oil is in such low concentration in this product.  And, to put more personal opinion against scientific fact, I find that the lavender scent helps me fall asleep at night, though a 1995 study in the Journal of Advanced Nursing found that subjects who underwent lavender aromatherapy at night demonstrated no statistically significant improvement against controls in either the quality or quantity of sleep.  (For the record, the product does come in other scents, such as Citron, Honey, and Coriander and Rosewater, though these varieties are priced at $24.99, and are not available for the discounted $16.99 price on as the Lavender is).

Personal Use and Opinions

I personally found the Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender Age Defying Hand Cream to absorb quickly into the skin.  This is also kind-of really personal, but I can never find a cream that makes my poor half-marathon running/high-heel-wearing/constantly on-the-go feet soft, and applying Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender Age Defying Hand Cream before bed once/week really did the trick.  I feel like I returned to childhood feet again.  (Talk about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes!)

Bottom Line

I. Love. It.  New nighttime ritual, on my hands and feet, every night.  Forever!  (Or at least until Crabtree and Evelyn stops making it, which hopefully they won’t, not with positive reviews like this and sales like yours – hint hint!)  =)  And no, this wasn’t a pay-per-post; I just really love this cream, and I think that a lot of my readers will too.

Product Rating: 9/10 (High concentration of proven effective ingredients: 3/3.  Unique formulation or new technology: 3/3.  Value for the money: 3/3.  Sunscreen: 0/1).

Key ingredients:  Peptide Blend; C&E Complex of Encapsulated Antioxidant Vitamins C & E, Jojoba, Soybean, Sweet Almond and Cottonseed Oils; Shea Butter, Lavender Oil

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  • Charlotte

    I’m allergic to soy products and don’t care for lavender scent products either. Any other hand cream suggestions?

  • Isabel

    Hi Nickie,

    Glad that you are back!

    I am not sure where to pose the question, but here it is:
    How does the anti-oxidation power of Alpha Lipoic Acid compare to common oral consumption of Vitamin C and E? Should we apply these two vitamins and consume ALA orally to establish a better barrier against free radicals?

    Thanks for your time.

  • brooklyn

    Have you tried c. booth derma 24 Collegen Elastin Restorative Hand & Nail Treatment? Reading the ingredients I’m really wondering about this product!! Or…Nia 24 hand cream?

  • Smara

    So glad to read you again!!

  • I have this hand cream too, it is great during the winter time. The concentration of the ingredients are essentially very high, which makes the value of this product.
    Stumbled across your website somehow whilst trying to search for something I cannot remember exactly what now…
    Nevertheless, really great work you have here. It is so lovely to meet you!
    Have a lovely week,


  • judith

    Gosh it doesn’t cost $65

  • Sounds like a great formula, but I have to wonder how any hand cream can call itself “age defying” if it doesn’t contain one of the most scientifically backed anti-aging ingredients: sunscreen!

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