Product Review: Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins

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Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin ($7.29, promise to make quick (and sturdy) work to twisting your hair into a bun that stays in. I’ll admit, I was initially a bit intimidated by the double-helix-like structure and thought perhaps I wouldn’t be adept enough at styling them in. I couldn’t have been more wrong. They were super easy to use and stayed well in my hair.



How-To Use Goody Spin Pins

1. To start, take your hair and make a ponytail with your hand — no need to use a ponytail holder.

2. Next, twist it around and then form a tight bun (a tighter bun is recommendable).

3. Holding the bun with one hand, take a Spin Pin and twist from the top into the bun.

4. Then take the other Spin Pin and twist in from the bottom, being careful not to cross the pins. Voila!


To test out the durability of Good Simple Styles Spin Pins, I shook my head around (very dizzying) and found that my bun didn’t loosen. To further test it, I grab hold of the bun and moved it around to see if I could pull the bun out. I found that while I could make it looser, my hair didn’t escape the spirals and the bun stayed intact. It definitely kept its shape better than with a hair tie.

Different Hair Thicknesses and Textures

My hair is rather fine, which means that my own bun was rather small. If you have fine hair as well and want a fuller bun, that likely won’t happen with Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins. I’m also not sure how well they work in thick hair — though considering that each twisted almost the entire length of my bun, I think that they have the length to stand up to reasonably thicker hair than mine.

As for hair texture, these Spin Pins are likely to work for most people. The twisted design will help it hold very smooth hair in place and the coating on it will help it glide easily through more textured hair. I actually found that the shape, because it didn’t have the crinkling of a bobby pin, tangled in my hair less than a traditional bobby pin.

Bottom Line

Goody Simple Style Spin Pins should work for most hair types and thicknesses, though some styles may require more than two pins. The buns they create stay intact well and there’s very minimal snagging. A bonus is that because there’s ample room between the two spiraling sides it’d be easy to thread these pins through something like, say, a silk flower, for a little extra something on your look.

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  • Karen Wilson

    I have been using these for over a year and love them. I have long thick hair so I need to use 3 or 4 for my bun. They hold incredibly well. You can also make the bun with wet/damp hair before bed. You will wake up with loose waves when you take the bun down.

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