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Once upon a time, I would have traded my naturally curly hair in for long, straight locks. Back then, I hadn’t quite figured out how to make the most of my natural tresses and so I sought out anything to make my hair straight.

There were many incidences with methods that didn’t quite work out, which made me give up altogether.  So when there was an opportunity to review the Goody ThickFix Boar and Nylon Bristle Hot Round brush, I jumped on it.  The brush is designed with extra long bristles, promising to make my hair straight and smooth.

The Shape of the Brush

The diameter of a round brush correlates to hair length. Your hair should be able to wrap around the cylinder about twice.

The Goody ThickFix brush is a medium-sized round, vented brush, which makes it ideal for blow-drying long hair.

Truth be told, there is science behind which brush to use.  Or at least clever feats of engineering:  A round brush is either used to create curls or straighten the hair.

The width of the barrel depends on the thickness of the hair and also on the desired style. For shorter hair straightened out or ringlets, a small barrel is deal. For soft curls and waves in all hair types, you should use a medium sized barrel. And super thick long hair and loose waves necessitate a big barrel.

A vented brush is one that has holes in it to allow for better blow-drying. It speeds up the drying process and allows for easier manipulation of the hair because the vents allow air to move freely through the barrel.

Being medium, this brush is ideal for nearly all hair types, as it’s diameter works for everyone. A wider diameter might be better for thicker hair, but it wouldn’t work very well for longer hair since hair should wrap around the cylinder about twice.

The Bristles

This brush has a combination of boar and nylon bristles to keep the brushes slow but make the hair shiny.

Goody ThickFix brush uses both boar bristles and ball-tipped nylon bristles. The nylon bristles are good for moving more slowly through straight hair.  On the other hand, the boar bristles generally move faster, pull oils through hair, and helps close the hair’s cuticle.

While it may be a little stop-and-start on the brushing side to have the two types of bristles, what they essentially do is allow the brush to move slowly through hair to avoid static, while simultaneously redistributing oils to make it shiny and soft. This makes sense for a brush designed for straightening thick hair — curly hair needs more oils, but thick hair needs the resistance to avoid the poof of a quick brush through.

Personal Use and Opinion

Though it didn’t get totally straight, the brush really managed to smooth out my curls/

My hair is pretty curly, usually forming ringlets. This brush worked really well for straightening my hair with a blow-dryer, something that’s difficult to do. The combination boar and nylon bristles delivered shiny but not static-filled hair, but they came at a price — I found the start and stop to be a little painful. With such a large brush it was a little difficult to manage both the brush and a blow-dryer and when my hair got blown around it tangled and was painful to comb through again. However, I’ve rarely had a home blow out be smooth enough that I felt I cold wear it as-is, which I felt with this. It’s not totally straight and ordinarily I’d run a flat iron through for good measure, but this brush works pretty well in terms of blow drying (other than being a bit painful and unwieldy).

Bottom Line

Goody ThickFix brush works well for thick hair with curls or waves (though I believe waves would be much easier to work with). It gives hair volume without static and straightens pretty well. However, the brush is a bit difficult to maneuver and the bristles can be painful if you move too quickly or have any tangles in your hair.

Overall, it’s a good product that will work with most people’s hair, though I think many will have to run over it at the end with a flat iron (but this will definitely save time on that).

Product Rating: 8.5/10

Sources: Milady’s Standard Cosmetology, Great Hair, Beauty Solutions

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