Product Review: Make Up For Ever Professional Aqua Liner

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Make Up For Ever Professional Aqua Liner ($23, says it’s a long-lasting and easy-to-apply formula. I put it to the test recently, “getting all gussied up” to quote a friend to see if I could do my makeup quickly and have it stay on. I was excited to find that I applied it with just a few quick strokes and throughout the night the color stayed on well.

Color: 5/5, Pigmentation: 5/5

Gunmetal Gray (the one selected) would work well for day or night and wasn’t too dark on my fair skin.

The color for this was beautiful — the one I tested was “gunmetal gray” — and there’s a rainbow to choose from so you can really create some vibrant looks. For this particular brand, I like that they tend toward bold colors. The pigmentation is great, which means it’s pretty easy to get something that wows without it being too thick of heavy.

Durability: 5/5

The top line is one I brushed my finger over immediately after application and the bottom line is one I waited a few seconds to rub my finger on. So the formula dries quickly and once it does, it stays on.

Make Up For Ever Professional Aqua Liner really sticks quite well, definitely due in part to the dimethicone. I went around an entire night and it didn’t rub off or smudge. It even stood up to a light drizzle. I put it on my hand to test it and rubbed my hand over it light and it stayed in place. Conversely, it comes off pretty well with makeup remover. While I like a lasting formula on my eyes, I don’t like something I have to scrub off, which can irritate and stretch skin.

Texture: 4/5, Finish: 5/5, Application 5/5


Here I am with my eye makeup done using Make Up For Ever Professional Aqua Liner.

Make Up For Ever Professional Aqua Liner was very easy to apply. The brush is excellently designed to have the right amount of give without being too soft. It can be a bit watery, so it’s important not to get too much on the brush or it might seep into your eye. Once on, the liner has a smooth and even finish. It’s a bit glossy, without being overly shiny.

 Bottom Line

Make Up For Ever Professional Aqua Liner is an excellent liquid liner for bold looks. The colors are bright and saturated, making for something really striking when on. The formula is long lasting and easy to apply, though it might be a bit watery. Overall, I’d definitely recommend Make Up For Ever Professional Aqua Liner.

Product Rating: 9.5/10

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