Product Review: Pixi Lumi Lux Radiance Powder

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With natural medium tones, this pressed powder gives you a natural glow.

Sometimes by midday, my skin loses its luster a little. Between the fatigue that hits around 3 p.m. and the wear and tear of the day, sometimes I need a little boost to get my glow back. Enter Pixi Lumi Radiance Powder ($8.99, The pressed powder for medium tones, created with pinks rose buds and fawn leaves in a field of peachy hues, it’s got a buffet of colors for me to make my face look radiant.

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Color/Pigmentation: 3/5

Pixi Lumi Lux Radiance Powder gives a perfect natural glow.

The effect of this powder is pretty subtle. It’s not as obvious as an outright blush that I have something on my face. Rather, it mimics the natural tones in my skin when it’s at its brightest — so it’s not a very striking makeup. Because it’s not necessarily a blush, but more of a highlighter, I found the subtleness to be perfect for looking good without looking like I had makeup on.

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Durability: 4/5

While it will brush off the more you touch your face, Pixi’s powder tends to stay on pretty well. It maintains its peachiness pretty well once it’s one, though after several hours of wear, it might require a little touching up.

Texture: 5/5 + Finish: 5/5

The powder goes on with a silky smooth texture.

Pixi Lumi Lux Radiance Powder is one of those products that just looks super natural — like you, only a little improved. This powder has a silky smooth texture when it’s on. Skin feels soft, not powdery. And it works for cheeks, eyes, and décolletage, so it does a lot of work for you. It’s the kind of little touch that’s perfect on a low-key day when you want to look your best, but seem like you didn’t have to try to look as good as you do.

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SPF: 0

Bottom Line 

Pixi Lumi Lux Radiance Powder goes on smooth and looks natural. It offers a palette of peach, rose, and gold tones that give a little something extra without looking like you’ve put makeup on. It’s perfect for looking like you just always have those warm tones. Makeup? No, I just roll out of bed with this glow! 😉

Product Rating: 8/10

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  • Awesome! I love the embossing on products- it makes it even that much more special to own! Brightening is a must for winter for me!

  • Pixi lumi lux powder seems to be one of the effective products that really looks fine for brighter skin..Hope the above given rating seems to be true..It will be even better if all the content of ingredients displayed in this product.

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