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Reviva Collagen Fibre Eye Pad Kit ($26.60, promises to reduce the effects of fatigue on eyes. The pads work to hydrate under the eyes, giving temporary improvement of dark under eye circles and fine lines under eyes.

Reviva Labs sent over some samples and I was able to see first-hand that these pads can work well to temporary improve under eye circles.

The Collagen Fibre Pads

Though these pads won’t boost collagen production, they will give your under eye area a moisture boost.

Reviva Labs explains that “collagen fibre pads” are 100% medical grade collagen fibre plus Myoxinol, also known as Hibiscus flower extract.

Collagen in a skin care product only serves as a hydrator, binding with water to moisturize the skin. But collagen is larger than 500 Daltons (the rule of thumb is that only something less than 500 Daltons can penetrate skin), meaning that it’s too large to really be absorbed (Cosmetic Dermatology). So, while it won’t boost collagen production, it will rehydrate, which can help tired looking eyes. As the packaging states very clearly, while there is some cumulative effect over time, this product is intended for temporary improvement.

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Hibiscus flower extract is also beneficial to tired eyes. It’s been shown in studies with rats to promote wound healing (The International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds). It is often used for skin care purposes in traditional medicine (International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Science). The company also explains that German scientists found Myoxinol to be a natural alternative to Botox, though I was unable to find the study.

The Skin Energizing Gel

This gel has algae extract, which has beens shown to help boost UV-protection.

Algae Extract, the next ingredient after water in the gel, has been shown to boost UV-protection (International Journal of Cancer). There has also been evidence in studies that show that algae can prevent oxidative damage to the protein found in the skin (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences). While it’s been found to be somewhat irritating to the respiratory system (which isn’t a concern in a skin gel), algae generally isn’t irritating to the skin (Journal of Allergy, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health).

Aside from this, the gel contains Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, and Sodium Dehydroacetate, which work together as preservative system.

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Personal Use and Opinion

Though the gel tingled initially, that subsided quickly and the pads were comfortable to use.

The gel for Reviva Collagen-Fibre Eye Pad Kit is thick and as soon as I put it on I felt a strong tingling sensation. It went away after a few seconds. I’m not sure what precisely caused the reaction, but my skin wasn’t irritated after using the product. However, I would recommend testing this product before use if you have sensitive skin.

The Collagen Fibre Pads were easy to apply (reminiscent of temporary tattoos as a child). You just place them over the area, which is either already moist with the gel or water and lightly dab a wet towel to moisten it.

Once I pulled off the pads, I felt that my under eye area was softer and smoother. That area also looked less tired and hollow.

Bottom Line

After usage, my eyes looked more hydrated and awake temporarily.

With plenty of hydrating ingredients, such as collagen and algae extract, Reviva Collagen-Fibre Eye Pad Kit can work as a temporary fix for tired eyes. Though the topically applied collagen won’t rebuild collagen, it will hydrate. And the hibiscus, at the very least will help improve skin with wound healing capabilities, and at the most will work similarly to Botox. The gel itself can help prevent oxidative damage and boost UV-protection. I did feel some strong tingling that was mildly unpleasant, so if you have sensitive skin, be sure to test the gel before usage.

Product Rating: 8/10

  • High or optimized concentration of proven effective ingredients: 2.5/3
  • Unique formulation or new technology: 2.5/3
  • Value: 3/3
  • SPF: 0/1


Collagen-Fibre Eye Pads: 100% pure medical grade Collagen Fibre, Myoxinol (Hibiscus Flower Extract)

Skin Energizing Gel: Purified Water, Algae Extract (Hawaiian Seaplant), Phenoxyethanol and Chlorphenesin and Sodium Dehydroacetate (Preservative System)

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  • Natalie Bell

    @MarktheSpaman — Thank you! I hope they work for you. I’d recommend morning, since the effect isn’t permanent and you only need to leave them on 15-20 minutes (otherwise, I fear the collagen fiber might dry out and stretch/tear at skin when you pull it off).

  • Good review Natalie: I have been curious about these new eye pads from @RealRevivaLabs for some time now that I am more in tuned to skincare. I work daily with different companies and their products @Dermascope magazine. I have been trying different products testing them out and some work and some do not. There are some consistently good companies that make good products and have not taken a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to sameness. Now I will have to try these new patches but at home, maybe at bedtime? On either side of my nose underneath my eyes i have very dry skin so this could work.
    Thanks and keep up the good work Natalie!

    Dallas, Texas

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