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The Rusk Being Sexy Styling Set ($21, is a line intended for the kind of bold and beautiful woman who wants some big results. Rusk kindly sent over the Being Sexy Cream, Being Sexy Gel, and Being Sexy Argan Oil Serum for us to try. Overall, I’m a fan, though I prefer the cream and argan serum over the gel, which contains a lot of SD alcohol, making it a product I’m not too keen on using.

Rusk Being Sexy Cream

Rusk-Being-Sexy-CreamThis styling cream works by coating hair and adding moisture to reduce frizz and add volume. Diethylhexyl Maleate serves as an emollient (Cosmetics Analysis).

Don’t fear alcohol — cetearyl alcohol, that is. It’s one of the moisturizing alcohol that’s very beneficial in your products. Damage-repair shampoos and conditions may have this ingredient included up to 20%, as it lubricates and gives a nice creamy consistency. And even less reason to fear, it’s been found largely safe (International Journal of Toxicology).

Dimethylaminoethyl Methacrylate works well to create a film over hair, which makes it a common ingredient in hair products. It also adds substantivity or attraction to hair and skin (BASF Chemical Company).

In addition to these, the cream also contains: phenyl trimethicone, a silicone; hydrolyzed wheat protein, which penetrates the hair and draws in moisture (Conditioning Agents for Hair and Skin); and polyquaternium-37, which coats hair similarly to silicones but works better than silicones on damaged hair.

Rusk Being Sexy Gel


Rusk-Being-Sexy-GelBut the third ingredient in this gel is SD Alcohol 40B. Aside from the fact that this alcohol can serve as a skin irritant, it can also dry out hair. This alcohol helps the oil and water ingredients come together by dissolving oils and other ingredients that are not necessarily water-soluble. It also makes the product more spreadable.

Unfortunately, the quick dissipation can cause hair to dry and frizz when used in high proportions in styling products (Naturally Curly). It can take water out of the hair and cause the cuticle to become rough.

Silicone dimethicone helps in coating and panthenol, which helps to penetrate hair and moisten strands.

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Rusk Being Sexy Argan Oil Serum

Argan Oil, also known as Moroccan Gold, is a hot ingredient for hair and skin.  That’s because it contains two super beneficial fatty acids, linoleic and oleic acid, as well as antioxidant polyphenols (European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology).

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When hair is exposed to UV-irradiation, it can do damage, including breaking down the color of your hair, whether natural or dyed (Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology). Antioxidants in hair products have been shown to help reduce the damage done by UV-irradiation (Journal of Cosmetic Science).

Even better, Argan oil has been shown to actually have significant UV-protective properties, making it even better for working to keep your hair healthy (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry).

Personal Use and Opinion

The Rusk Being Sexy line spreads well through hair as a whole. I think the cream, in particular, is moisturizing and gave my hair a soft feel and smooth. I would say that it felt more silky than usual.

The gel actually smells like alcohol, which made me somewhat apprehensive about using it and while it didn’t make my hair particularly frizzy, I think I’d looking search of other styling products because of the alcohol. After all, winter is coming and my hair gets a bit dry as the weather turns cold.

The argan oil gave my hair a nice shine and helped to reduce frizz. It spreads pretty well through hair and isn’t at all greasy.

I’m not sure that the line delivered in terms of volume, though I wasn’t able to test the mousse. More than anything, it decreased my frizz and made my hair very smooth. I’d imagine blowing out my hair would have made a difference as well, and that the cream and argan serum would have kept the hair from drying out too much.

Overall, I’d say I’m a fan of the argan oil serum and cream, but I could do without the gel.

Bottom Line

The Rusk Being Sexy Styling products work well — though I’d go with the cream and argan serum over the gel. It seems a shame to me that while the shampoo and conditioner forgo potentially harmful ingredients like sulfates, that the gel has so much alcohol in it, which can be drying to hair. Otherwise, though, the line seems to really work well for adding moisture to hair that would be especially beneficial when using heated styling tools because it helps hair maintain it’s hydration to keep frizz at bay.

Product Rating:  6/9

  • High or optimized concentration of key ingredients: 2/3
  • Unique formulation or new technology:  2/3
  • Value:  2/3

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  • Natalie Bell

    @Janees: I’m so glad you enjoyed the post — thank you! And thank you for the compliment! I very much appreciate it. 🙂

  • Janessa

    I thought the set was a play on words like “Risk Being Sexy” but I don’t think they’d want a name like that. Thanks, Natalie, for explaining all the ingredients. It really helps me learn what the purpose is and why the product is good or not.

    The last line under “About the Author” is amusing. :]

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