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Since readers have been requesting more makeup tutorials and reviews, I went to Sephora to try out the new Sephora Pro Lesson Palette- Smoky Eyes ($28.00,  The palette includes six eye shadows with directions, which are fairly easy to follow.

Formulation Review

Overall, the eyeshadows in Sephora Pro Lesson Palette- Smoky Eyes have a medium pigmentation (3/5) and longevity (3/5).  The formulas glide across the skin beautifully (5/5), and build easily.  They are soft and dry with a powdery texture.  The all-over lid color in each set has a bit of sparkle, which I thought was going to be too gauche for the office, but it worked out just fine.  Here’s my experience:

Step One:  All-Over Base Color

Apply the middle, slightly sparkly color in each palette from crease to lid.  I am Asian-American and I have a single eyelid fold, instead of the Caucasian double.  No matter:  whether no fold, a single fold, or a double fold, feel with your pinky until you feel the top of your eyeball through the skin of your eyelid.  This is where the eyeshadow should begin.

Step Two: Apply Lid Crease Color

Apply the darkest color (the first in either column) along the crease.  (Or, again, where the top of your eyeball is).  For best results, use an angled brush for control.

This is where you can have some fun:  Use more out towards the corners of your eyes to give a sexy, cat’s-eye type look, or balance it all around for doe-eyed sophistication.

Step Three: Sweep the lightest color across, and blend. Apply mascara and eyeliner.

After using this palette, I felt like I looked more sophisticated.  Admittedly, the look is obviously too strong for daytime careers in medicine, law, finance, engineering, and the like.  But for those in fashion, beauty, or related industries, it’s definitely a fun look that wears well from day to night.

Bottom Line

The Sephora Pro Lesson Palette- Smoky Eyes palette is definitely a great buy, with two sets of three complementary eyeshadows.  The eyeshadows have a medium pigmentation and longevity, build well, and dry with a smooth texture.  Overall, I’m quite impressed!

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