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Hundreds of readers have tried FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5 (, and now testimonials have started to roll in!  We opened our comments up on yesterday, and we were thrilled to receive the warm responses!  Please visit for for the full listing, or read some excerpts below:

Shown here on my hand, FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5 is a lightweight gel formula. It glides on the skin, absorbs quickly, and works for 8 hours! Perfect for all skin types – oily without additional moisturizer, dry with, combination with in certain dry areas.
  • “I have been using this for a couple weeks now and I have seen great improvements in my skin.  […] Definitely worth trying!”  -My Newest Addiction
  • “Right now I’m only a little over a week in with this product and I’m already seeing results. I had a little bit of peeling that only lasted a few days and am noticing improved texture and all-over tone. I’m only using it once a day in the evening before I apply my moisturizer. It’s also helping with a bit of markings leftover from acne.” -Brooke
  • “I have tried to use many retinol products in the past, but had to stop immediately due to irritation. I have been using Futurederm’s Time Released Retinol for over a week already with absolutely no sign of irritation! It’s a miracle in a bottle!” -J. Brobeck
  • “This time-release retinol is making a big difference in my skin even with just three weeks of use. I can’t wait to see what it will do as time goes on. The manufacturer has put so much time into creating this as well as making sure clients understand how it works. It’s on special now so it’s a perfect time to buy.” -Marcia
  • “I have only been using them about a week but can already tell a difference. My face is feeling smoother and has a look of smaller pores and a refinement to it.” -Charlieschick
FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5 dries very quickly. It is great to apply immediately after cleansing, unlike some retinoid treatments, for which it is recommended to wait 30 minutes.

We’re really thrilled with all of the positive feedback we’ve been getting!  I’m extremely grateful for such kind words and warm reception to the product, and I’m ecstatic that our readers are getting these types of results in week 2 of release!  🙂

Submit your thoughts about FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5 to us here, or in Comments below!   To purchase, please visit!

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  • Debi

    Started your time-release retinol before Christmas. I started just using the product without adding a moisturizer afterwards with no problems. But then I read you can add a moisture after it dries. It seems to be having a chemical reaction with my moisturizer. Face is itching and red. Without moisturizer just fine and I love the results. But I have some tightness and would like to include some moisture. What moisturizer would you recommend using at night along with the retinol cream? I use cerva moisturizer.

    Thank you

  • Jessica

    Hey Nicki,

    I’m interested in using a retinoid or retinol product again but I have some reservations. In a past article, you mentioned a friend of yours having very clogged pores from years of using Retin-A Micro? I just wanted to know how that is possible – shouldn’t the tretinoin be unclogging the pores? Would your retinol product cause clogged pores as well? Thanks!

  • Melissa

    Hi Nicki,

    Just to let you know, I never leave feedback ever. Even if I like the product I just go on using it and don’t promote it online or type a review. So I am personally telling you that your Retinol 0.5 is phenomenal. I’m in my 40’s and have rosacea that is the vain of my existence and so i’m very careful of exfoliators or scubs that I use. I also live in a dry and sunny climate which my skin can react to if I’m not diligent. I’m so glad I’m seeing a brighting effect that others have been talking about and without the tedious wait or the redness. Thank you for all your hard work and research. I have I science background myself and I love to read you post because their are truly candid and filter out the b/s. Retinol 0.5 will be a staple for my skin care routine and will be buying another before the price hike (Thanks for that too). Good bye for now, I have to declutter my vanity!

  • Kate

    Hi, Nicki, i have purchases the product, i just have a few questions. If i’ve been using tretinoin, will the product still be as effective as to others for me? Also, there is not a lot of instructions on how to use the product, could you recommend the size of amout to be use and what product to be used with or avoid? Thanks and good luck!

  • Hi @Catarina – Please rest assured that our retinol is microencapsulated. I can’t reveal our microencapsulation process details without signature of a non-disclosure agreement, but please rest assured that it is microencapsulated!

  • Catarina

    Hi Nicki,
    I don’t understand what microencapsulation technology is used in this serum. I don’t see any phophatidylcholin or similar ingredient in your INCI declaration. Would you help me understand?

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