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Recently, a brand sent me a bath box. Thinking it was just another beauty subscription box, I honestly wasn’t all that enthralled (sorry, I’m a spoiled skincare blogger!) — UNTIL I opened it up to find a delightful assortment of bath salts, lotions, soap, a candle, crystals, and (best of all) a meditation card to set my intention and sum it all up. I’m pleased to announce I’m now a HUGE fan of the Salty Bath box! For more, read on.

FutureDerm (FD): What inspired salty bath?

Salty Bath Founder Tami McCarthy (TM): One part of it was mindfulness, and this sort of collective movement around incorporating mindfulness in all facets of our lives. While many people understand and appreciate mindfulness, so many people, myself included, are too busy to be able to dedicate the time to it. We are so busy tending to the details of our lives, that we struggle just to be still.

Another part of it was natural remedies. Ever since my college days, I’ve always really appreciated a warm soak after a long day. I also loved experimenting with essential oils and aromatherapy, and I found a way to incorporate the soak with essential oils to relieve stress, to detox and heal any number of ailments. The benefits of essential oils and mineral salts have been well documented for thousands of years, and it is powerful to take control of your well-being right at home.

Thanks to my own personal experience with natural remedies and relaxing baths, I’ve found nature’s medicine is great for holistic wellness. I am a career woman and have a family, so life is fast-paced, and I found it difficult to calm and center myself when I have so much to handle daily. Baths became a way for me to have my sacred space. I also emerged from my tub a happier, less stressed person, which I am sure my family appreciates.

FD: Why the meditation cards?

TM: There was one particular soak where I had an epiphany. Whenever I wrote down a mantra or an intention and lit a candle while I was bathing, it was easier for me to meditate and to not let the noise in my head deter me from relaxing – you know, all the things I should be doing instead of being in the tub! It is quite funny, actually. As a serial multi-tasker, I found a way to incorporate meditation while bathing, and it was a game changer. That’s how Salty Bath was born because it completely changed my life.  That is also when I hired an artist to design the Bath Time Mantra Cards, documented all the various recipes I had created, and started developing my own product line – everything was from the Earth, all- natural, organic, only the purest ingredients, and at the same time, curating a total body holistic experience that I now call Mindful Bathing. The Mandala on the cards (and our logo) is intentional as it means “whole” – Salty Bath gives you the tools you need to empower, strengthen, restore and heal your whole body.

FD: That’s amazing. My readers know I love this sort of thing from my Follow Friday posts!

FD: Tell me about your experience in the beauty industry.

TM: I have 22 years in marketing and branding experience for lifestyle brands including beauty. I have worked behind the scenes shaping brands of all sizes, from indie to national. Through that experience and being involved in that career, I got to know brands well and best practices. Plus, I know what I like and what works in a luxury, artisanal product, and want to bring that to my customers.

FD: Tell me about the monthly subscription boxes. How do the baths change throughout the year?

TM: The Salty Bath monthly subscription boxes are packed with all the essentials you need for a month of self-care. We recently talked to over 100 women who told us they need help with taking care of themselves. While 87% of women say they take care of others well or very well, only 48% said they took care of themselves in the same way. Adding to this, 22% of women said they only checked in on themselves when they were “falling apart,” and a whopping 55% said they didn’t have a routine for practicing self-care.  We want to make it easy for women to recharge their own bodies, without having to think about it… to just do it. Each month, we have a new theme, and we take inspiration from not what is happening in the world, and seasonally, but also what our bodies tend to be going throughout the year – for example the Holidays are way more stressful than Springtime. Each bath soak is really the crown jewel in the box – for January, our theme was “well grounded,” so our Wellness Soak is infused with Wintergreen, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and White Fur – essential oils known for their ability to warm and soothe, particularly if you’re feeling under the weather, and to deeply purify and nourish the body. The entire January experience was curated to ground you, and rejuvenate your spirit as well as boost your immune system.

FD: Let’s say a reader doesn’t want the box. What is your favorite single product?

TM: Our bath soaks are the absolute best out there, so it is my favorite, and it is so central to the experience we want people to have.  We start with sourcing our salts straight from the Dead Sea in Israel, and add our own proprietary blend of magnesium sulfate to them along with therapeutic grade essential oils. The base benefits of each one are many – eliminating toxins from your body and replenishing it with vital trace minerals, to lowering stress, reducing anxiety, promoting better sleep, balancing your pH levels, relaxing muscles and easing joint pain. Salty warm, aromatic water is just the most amazing, holistic healer.

FD: What is the greatest benefit of using Salty Box?

TM: The greatest benefit of regular use is giving time to yourself, but also connecting with yourself. That’s what it’s really about. People are spread so thin today, and I feel good about being able to give people back that time. We do all the hunting, gathering, creating, so that you can just enjoy the experience. I especially love working with women with families. This is the one group of people who need it most, and where we have the most impact.  

Thanks, Tami!

To order Salty Bath, visit their website here.

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